The Best Tech Gifts for the Festive Season

If you haven’t decided what to buy as this year’s holiday presents then the closer the festive season will approach, the anxious you would feel. Don’t let your worries get the best of you as we have a solution in store for you. Think back, relax and recollect your thoughts. What is that one thing common between all your acquaintances, family and even co-workers? All of them would not mind a good gadget as a present, no?

Now you must be thinking about how expensive of an investment purchasing a gadget is for multiple people at once. While some people aren’t apparently tech savvy but there’s a tech gift for everyone out there. The ultimate gift would eventually reside in the tech category if you know where to look. And if you don’t? Well, we have compiled some of the best tech gifts you can choose so for the festive season. 

AirPods Pro

If you thought gifting someone wireless earbuds is a no-brainer decision then you are mistaken. You won’t be gifting any regular earbuds as Apple’s AirPods Pro has been deemed a worthwhile purchase by many.

While the only concern of using AirPods is battery drainage but for the price, sound quality, durability and overall performance Apple has to offer, you surely can consider gifting these in-ear buds without thinking twice.

Apple Watch Series 5

Most people looking to buy holiday gifts for tech-savvy individuals tend to stay on a budget but if that’s not the case with you, Apple Watch Series 5 is a tech find made for the luxurious.

A quite recent release, the watch is packed with every feature its predecessors couldn’t bring forth. It’s also a great find for fitness enthusiasts as its always-on display adds a lot of value to the fitness scene.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Gamers rejoice! Now there’s something to gift your gamer cousin or friend. Nintendo has always been ahead in the gaming realm with its inexpensive options. For just $199.99, you are getting the Switch Lite that’s equipped with a huge variety of top-notch and global favorite titles.

Since internet access is required to use the internet browser and additional features, try considering the Xfinity triple play especially if you are looking for smooth browsing and multi-player gaming experience.

Giiker Smart Supercube Puzzle Game

The classic Rubik’s Cube holds its stance as a popular puzzle game to this day. But the Giiker Supercube is smart and integrates with your Android or iOS device. Once connected to the app, it lets you solve multiple mini-puzzles and helps the player store, view and analyze their performance so far.

It’s a great find for young learners who doubt their competitiveness and intend to get better at solving challenges. The smart cube is rechargeable and comes with a dedicated charging code, as well.

Apple iPad Mini

We simply can’t get enough of Apple products. The latest releases of the iPad series fulfill all your affordability and quality concerns. If you know someone who’s longing for a new iPad that you could purchase so under $400 then choose the 10.2-inch iPad Mini.

Any individual who thinks binge-watching TV shows into oblivion into their PC or laptop is a hassle would love to resort to the iPad Mini. The screen size and resolution quality are exactly what one would need for an immersive movie streaming experience on a cozy winter night.

Google Pixel Buds

Google has already been dominating headlines after it stepped up its smartphone game through Pixel 4 but the Pixel Buds are a new inclusion. These don’t directly target as an AirPods Pro competitor as the buds have their own unique charm.

Pixel Buds aren’t your regular earbuds with regular functionalities. Integrated with AI support, around 40 languages can be seamlessly translated by the buds. So, if you have a travel-loving friend who’s ready to embark on his new adventure, you know what exactly to gift.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Another Google product but this time a Wi-Fi router for that one friend who always bails out on multiplayer games because of poor internet connectivity. The router has been specifically designed to amplify Wi-Fi power and provide better signal coverage without missing out on any area.

A quick Easter egg for you – it’s not your usual router as it has a smart speaker supporting Google Assistant with complete compatibility with Google Wi-Fi itself. 

Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset

Yes, VR gaming is still a thing and Oculus is adamantly releasing new headsets for innovatory VR gameplay. The Oculus Quest Headset offers a plethora of games, out of which some are classic and original Oculus games. If you were fretting it would only connect to your PC system then you speculated it wrong.

The headset is an all-in-one VR device integrated with smartphone support through the Oculus mobile app. You don’t just get the headset but also two controllers tracking every motion and gesture you make while in-game.

Amazon Echo Studio

While the Amazon Echo Dot and Show 5 have their own set of unique features, Amazon Echo Studio apparently still takes the lead for a worthy holiday gift. The smart speaker competes directly with the Apple HomePod and doesn’t disappoint with the maximum sound range and quality it offers.

For $199.99, you are getting a smart speaker supporting the Alexa smart assistant. What more would one want? The speaker is portable and can be taken on-the-go especially by frequent travelers.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

In the end, we would like to add something special for gamers. They usually feel left out as most gaming accessories are expensive and affordable ones are a rare find. So, if affordability is the dilemma, SteelSeries has got you covered with its Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Whether you need to connect it to your PC or your Nintendo Switch, the headset offers support for multiple systems and consoles. For $99.99, you get a multi-support headset along with hi-res audio sound with minimum to no lag at all.

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