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The Virtual Reality Technology – 7 Ways In Which Will Impact The Future

7 Ways In Which Virtual Reality Will Impact The Future

Technology is bringing the most profound changes in the oldest of human practices and When it comes technology the tremendous Influence of Virtual reality can certainly not be ignored. In the world of virtual reality, we are currently sailing on an unchartered territory with limitless potential for the future.

Let me share with you a few of these ecstatic ways in which this wonderful technology will impact human lives.

  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Storytelling
  • Military Applications
  • VR Themed Parks


Gaming through virtual reality is, of course, the most obvious of uses. Imagine immersing yourself in the Worlds of RPG and War games. Virtual Reality holds promise for producing a more entertaining and immersive experience then the world of current gamers have ever known and brought gaming to a whole new level.

The top laptop brands of the laptop industry are getting ready to produce the best VR-Ready Laptops.

Efforts in respect have been put forward by the bring the oculus rift in the market. The gaming industry has taken a deep interest in this endeavour and games like Robo Recall certainly make you that there is more to Virtual reality than meets the eye. A comment from a recent gamer can certainly explore more on the subject and I Quote:

“It was the first game that got me super immersed and wanting to play more after a good session. It makes you feel so badass grabbing the guns/shotguns and making combos shooting for high scores!”


Virtually with limitless application imagine what could be accomplished in this field. Being able to conceptualize and scale concepts in such a manner that our minds are easily able to comprehend them.

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Being able to visualize a complex universal phenomenon will certainly make it for us more easily understandable. Running simulations of expensive chemical experiments will make it far less hazardous than in our current world. Imagine being able to see a scientific discovery from the perspective of the person who made it. In this regard, we can say the sky is not the only limit.


This really is a no-brainer. Everybody who ever lived wishes to see some monuments, Museums, Historical architectures and excavations of the old civilizations well with the power of virtual reality we can obtain all of this sitting on our comfy sofas with a cup of tea in our hand.

Realize being able to traverse one of the most treacherous and beautiful mountains from the safety and of Virtual reality and being able to fully experience it with your 5 senses.

People would be able to visit their dream places and fully immersing yourself with your loved one in it. This will not only save money but lots of time as well.


Technologies like AR X-ray are already showing the fruits of virtual reality. Doctors and experts will be able to provide a more comprehensive and progressive opinion without being physically present there.

Training of your doctors in the virtual world will drastically decrease the chance for unfortunate accidents that occur in that occur worldwide.

Virtual healthcare will certainly bring more ease to the laments of patients. In some parts of the world, virtual reality is already being used to fight phobias for the patients of psychosis and other deadly mental diseases. This certainly is the holy grail of the Medical World.

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Story Telling

In the world of Storytelling, it has tremendously changed over the span of human existence from social media to blogging, movies, podcast and animations. We can infer from this storytelling has a very important role in our daily lives. With the coming of virtual reality, we can easily infer that this journey doesn’t stop here but will be revolutionized with the upcoming virtual reality applications.

We are currently pushing the boundaries of the immersive story tell in our worlds and the new medium of Virtual reality is far more captivating and engaging than a laptop, mobile phone or a Phone pad. Through virtual reality, the experience is more dimensional than we understand instead of just sight and hearing other senses of human anatomy are put to use as well to produce everlasting and rememberable experience.

One could literally experience things that are simply not possible in reality due to distance, time or simply physical impairments. With the access to Oculus Rift and other virtual reality device becoming easier people are using it to dive into new worlds and try new experiences as it is.

Virtual Reality allows you to envision a 360-degree view of a whole new world with profound new experiences. This produces new dimensions through which viewers can immerse themselves.

Military Applications

Virtual Reality has shown the greatest growth in the military sectors with military simulations to train the soldiers for difficult manoeuvres or making them mentally experience with life-threatening situations has produced huge floodgates in military expenditure for this amazing technology.

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Just imagine stimulating emotional responses and cool memory techniques that will really make an impact and save lives. Lessening the accidents for military endeavour’s is certainly a progressive step of virtual reality.

Virtual Theme Parks

By chance, if you are unfamiliar with the Virtual reality theme part then you are really in for a treat. Irrespective of massive costs in this extensive development is being conducted and done to make it more manageable for the people. What is even more favourable for the people is that you do not need extraordinarily powerful machines to fully experience and develop in this regard. One could simply do it from one,s own bedroom and make an impact. Virtual reality theme parks are most possibly the best the future of Theme part industry with a fairly enjoyable experience.

Even though the horror is the most preferred choice in the VR world due to its creepy and fearful sensations but the genres related action also provide a really visceral experience. Think about what the future will hold with you holding a badass gun in Battlefield world and combating others.

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