Top 10 Best Gadgets Every Blogger Should Have

The world of blogging comes with many challenges that go beyond knowing what kind of content to create and how to make it. To be a successful blogger, you will have to keep plenty of tools on your belt to tackle a multitude of situations that could interrupt your productivity or lower the quality of your creations. To give yourself a boost on producing top tier content, look into getting the following gadgets to outfit your work space.Extra Storage

You will want to make sure you have plenty of storage available to save any projects you may be working on, whether that involves drafts of written articles or partially completed video blogs. You can install additional storage space in your desktop or laptop to give yourself an immediate boost. You can also look into an external hard-drive that will provide you with the benefits of extra space in addition to staying portable.

All-in-One Printer

Get an all-in-one printer that will allow you to make copies, print out physical documents and scan hard copies of paperwork into digital formats. Depending on what sort of work you do, you can invest in various types of printers that will have different options when it comes to production quality.


If you intend to network with other bloggers or want to produce video blogs, invest in a webcam. Aim for a higher quality webcam if you want to create video content that involves its use. In addition to providing a clearer and sharper picture, many webcams can offer more flattering angles for its users or help with automatically focusing on subjects in the frame.


Keep a microphone on hand for video content, podcasts and communication. If you intend to stick with casual communication, you can look into a headset with an attached microphone instead of a standalone mic.

Video Camera

Research different types of video cameras that can be used to help you create content on the go. Action-focused video cameras will allow you to capture video while engaged in more intense physical activity such as mountain biking or skydiving. You can also consider waterproof options that will help keep your video camera safe during wet weather or even allow you to capture footage underwater. Select your video camera based upon your personal needs and interests.


Having a great smartphone on hand is key to maintaining contact with your audience and networking with other professionals and influencers. You can also use your smartphone to capture footage on the go even if you don’t have your video camera with you. Select a smartphone based upon your personal needs and what sort of content you typically create.

Portable Chargers

Keep portable chargers on hand so that you never have to worry about your phone or laptop going dead even if you are working on a project away from home.

Portable WiFi

Get a mobile hotspot that will help you stay connected even when you’re not in range of any wireless networks that you can use. This will help keep you online even if you’re unable to access any nearby wireless networks or if a wireless network is clogged with excess activity.

Dual Monitors

Having two monitors will help you conduct research and edit your created content far more efficiently. You can also set up a tablet or laptop to function as a second monitor.


While a desktop is great for editing projects at home, invest in a laptop so you can keep working while on the go. This will allow you to work on your personal content even when you’re away from your house.

With the right gadgets, you can blog more effectively than ever.

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