Social Media Walls and Their Use As An Engagement Tool In Events

Organizing an event is an excellent way of presenting your brand to a wider range of audiences. It brings together your followers, fans & consumers under one roof and allows you to establish a direct connection with them. However, it is not an easy task to hold the attention of your audiences throughout the event just by talking about your brand and business. The attendees expect some engaging and interactive activities which are trendy enough to hold their interests. And nothing better than a Social Media Wall is capable of doing that in today’s times.

A social media wall is a big digital screen showcasing live media posts from different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is a great way of keeping the crowd engaged during an event. Simultaneously, it also gives your audience an opportunity to take the stage by posting interesting content about your brand or event which is further displayed on these social walls.

How Social Walls Keep Your Audiences Enthralled?

Social Media has the power of captivating millions of users with its constantly evolving technological advancements. One such invention is ‘Social Media Wall’ which acts as a honey-pot for the event attendees. Here are some of the interesting ways of how this digital wall can be used to magnify your event –

Display of live social posts

One of the most significant uses of social media walls is to display social media feed ( text, images, videos). This feed can either include sponsored posts created by you or it is most effective when it showcases the relatable user-generated content uploaded by your brand users on their social media channels.

These social walls also allow your event attendees to upload their real-time

experiences of the event. A branded hashtag provided by the brand can create a buzz among the audiences. It encourages them to go live on different social media channels using the same hashtag, thus exposing your brand to millions of other people.

Engagement through contests

A social wall is capable of hosting an entire event. One other way of using it is by running a contest or competition offering some exciting prizes to the participants. For example, you can run a quiz contest on your digital wall asking your event attendees to post the answers on different social media platforms using a specific hashtag. The name of the winners along with the correct answer can be displayed on the social media wall to keep the engagement high.

Instant display of Speaker’s content

Special guests and speakers are the most essential elements and the force which secures your audiences’ attention during an event. Displaying relevant tweets from your speaker’s social media profile on your social wall will ensure that the attendees are well connected with every beat of the event. Also, it would please your speakers, as showcasing their tweets on these big digital walls will expose them to thousands of new people thus increasing their reach and followers.

Q&A sessions

Running Q&A sessions on your social media wall is an excellent idea to increase the participation of your audience along with boosting their excitement. This can be done both ways. You can pose questions related to your speakers or any particular session of your event or it can be a generic quiz related to your brand.

On the other hand, the social wall also serves as a platform to answer the live questions put up by your audiences during the event which increases their trust & loyalty towards your brand.

Surveys & Polls

Conducting polls and surveys with the event attendees benefit a brand in two ways. Firstly, it enhances the interaction and engagement of audiences in an event and secondly, it gives you an insight into likes, dislikes, and interests of your consumers for a long-term profit.

Understanding all the above techniques of using a social media wall effectively, we can now say that it is the most enticing element one can incorporate while organizing a social media event.

Now, there are different social media aggregator tools which allow you to create these social walls. One such tool is Taggbox. Its Social wall can be used to aggregate social media content from various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and many others. Taggbox not only allows you to create a live social media wall for your events but also offers the feature to customize its look & feel with wall editor.

With Taggbox, you can display your social media wall on big screens like Jumbotrons, big LED display, Projector or Tvs. Not just in the big events, you can also install these social media walls in a concert, an in-store display, brand activation, a hashtag campaign or even on your website.

So, expand your boundaries and incorporate a social media wall in your next event to make it a big hit in front of your audiences.

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