Technology Tools to Inspire Your Event Audiences

There are many ways to boost up the audience in events by using technology. Technology overwhelms into every field of life. Event organizing without the use of technology tools is a dreadful dream for organizers. Because the use of technology tools in events made the event successful. Event industry also emerging field now. In the past, there was no education or learning material for event organizing. But nowadays, event manage subject became a famous subject in international universities.

Event industry earned $29.3 billion dollars from the worldwide event market in 2015 and in 2016, event industry generated $30.3 billion dollars from worldwide markets such as United States market, UK, European and Asian market. Event industry increasing day by day. Even business existence depends on the successful event. Flop event could be a full stop for business. Companies spent 30% of their budget on events. Therefore, a successful event is necessary for every company.

In the past, business didn’t have too many resources for a successful event. Most of the events failed due to the lack of innovation in technology. But now, with the help of technology, companies generate billions of dollars from their events. Technology devices such as iPad’s, tablets, virtual headset, playing a key role in the success of the event. Event success depends on the engagement of the audience.

Through, these technology devices, getting someone attention is not a big task. So event organizer should provide the tablet to their every event attendee. Because with the help of a tablet and other related electronic technology people could share their ideas and interact with each other effectively. Usually, event organizers hire the iPad from iPad hire companies for short terms of period. These rental services companies save the cost and time of business organizations.

Here is a list of technology tools for inspiring the event audience:

  • Virtual reality
  • Social media marketing
  • Entertainment

Virtual reality

In the modern era, the value of virtual reality has been increasing. There is no better way to show the audience, what your brand is and what your services are rather than telling them stories about your business. Through virtual reality, an attendee could take part in the event from anywhere the world. This factor will interest the audience.

Virtual reality technology is costly compare than the other devices because this technology is in the developing phase. Most of the companies don’t use virtual reality in their events because of his cost, but a famous one does. Some companies hire the virtual reality headset from VR Rental companies and fulfill their business event needs.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is dominating and powerful tool for attendee engagement. Use of social media in the right way will be very effective on the attendee. Social media value is enormous in the field of the event. People come to events for discovering something new, getting information, for interaction with each other. With the help of a social media platform, event organizer enhances the knowledge of their attendees and could make effective customer relationship with the company.

For attendee’s engagement and interaction, share their tweets and ideas on display Twitter wall which they had shared with others. Attendees will be surprised and happy when they will see their tweets. Also, could use Facebook for live streaming of the event. An audience could watch their activities live on screen in an event.


Entertainment is a very essential factor in any type of event. It could be in the shape of company products videos, some magician tricks or comedian session in an event. An organizer should take the online quiz about company history, products, existing client experience, the quiz should be significant and the winner will get a reward. The session in which people could relax their mind. This step will be very effective for audience engagement which will be the reason of profit from the event.

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