Impact of Technology in Our Lives and the Future of Technology

Human land on the surface of the moon in 1969, reach the peak of Mount Everest in 1953 and also in the depth of water. Humanity made this possible because of technology. Technology is evolving day by day in every field of life. In older era people just could think about to land on the moon, and it was a dream for them to go across the world. But In 19th, 20th and 21 century with the help of technology people successfully achieve their goals. Now people could fly into the clouds like the birds fly.

Technology reduced the distance between people and now people can easily communicate with each other in a few second, whenever they want. In the past, people sent their messages in months. But now communication problem is solved. This is all because of development in technology.

Innovation in technology also helps us in the field of business and health. Business organizations don’t need their offices full of files and papers. They just need a little size of iPad and other related electronic technology devices for their employees. Before 10 or 20 years we didn’t have treatment for dangerous disease such as cancer etc., now with the passage of time doctors have treatment for approximately every disease. At the operation room doctor just need the iPad /Tablet for his patient information. IPad and other electronic technology also the successful result of advance technology. People use them in almost every field of life. Doesn’t matter if the people can’t afford them for use in daily life work. There are a lot of companies who offered the iPad hire services. Peoples get benefits from them.

Here are the list of some fields which is improved because of technology:

  • Revolution in Education Field
  • Invention in Health Industry
  • Better life style
  • Communication world
  • Effective Business

Revolution in Education Field

Because of the technology, society has been changed. In the last few decades, iPads, tablets, Computers and other related devices completely overcome the person’s communication in society and the education methods. With the revolution in technology and the implementation of technology in schools is the reason of success for students in their lives, students could compete in the race of new world and achieve their goals.

Technology also changes the way of teaching method of teachers. Teachers use different type of technology devices in their courses, according to the requirement of their subjects. They made their students creative and innovative.

One of the most achievement in education with the help of technology is that, students can get an education from anywhere the world at any time with the help of online education system. Technology became the Oxford university education in the access of students who lives and study in Africa

Overall, Now Education is more effective and convenient for students rather than the past education system.

Invention in Health Industry

Technology invention in the field of health industry is extraordinary, and this invention is very helpful for patients and also for doctors. During the past centuries, it was very difficult for doctors to diagnose the critical disease such as cancer, heart diseases, etc. Patients died due to lack of equipment and proper treatment.

Now the doctors can diagnose any disease and could take better decisions and actions according to the situation of the disease. The innovation in the medical field made quality of life better. Because now doctor have a better monitoring system and better equipment. Therefore doctor could server highly effective way rather than past.

Doctor scans all the body of patient in operating rooms and could see on iPad. Especially the hospital which is located in London (England). They are using advance technology for their patients. They provide the iPad to every doctor in their operating rooms and for the use of patient symptoms information. Most of hospitals administration in London hires the iPad through iPad Rental London companies for their daily use in hospital.

Better life style

Innovation in technology made the life easier and better, with the help of technology people feels safe intheir houses. e.g.  People use security cameras and door locks for theirfamily’s safety also automatic clothes washing machines, etc. Now people could access information through the internet while sitting in their homes with the help of iPad and other related electronic devices.

Advance technology has been changed the way of life style and changing with the passage of time.

Communication world

People want to communicate with each other, they want to know who’s living in the last corner of the world. What he is thinking, what his daily activities, and people have curious about how humanity is living in African forests.

10 or 15 years ago, it was impossible to know that. But innovation in technology where helps a lot in every field of life, also helps in the communication world. People could talk with each other very easily, doesn’t matter the next person is living in the last corner of the world. You could talk him effectively with easy ways and share your thoughts and ideas.

For this purpose people use social media, where people can talk and saw each other in a few seconds. Advance technology reduced the distance between peoples.

Effective Business

Every business organizations want their business successful. Because if they will deliver better services to their customers, they will get the beneficiary result from their customers.Advance technology changed the way of business. The effective technology needs the linkage of technology strategy with the business strategy. Business organizations use social media for customer’s questions and queries, also they could train their employees and update them for new product of the company with online video conference apps such as Skype. Although business organization gets a lot of benefits from the use of new technology.

Technology is growing with the passage of time. Future of technology is very bright. Companies will send peoples for visit of space in their spaceships. Humanity is approaching on the Mars and in the next few years people will also build their houses on Mars.

Technology will invent the air car for use in daily life, and in education field Virtual reality makes possible the education for everyone from anywhere anytime.

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