Best Features of Portable Routers for Streaming your Favorite Film

Today the internet connects millions of people in different parts of the world through various platforms. It has become a part of us and getting more rooted in our veins. Every activity that doesn’t require physical human presence is going online.

With the wide varieties of gadgets at your disposal, availability of reliable internet connectivity everywhere you go is usually the challenge. In addition, most public internet options are not secure or trusted for exchanging data.

For music and film or game lovers across the US, there is a lot of content you can stream with your device and keep entertained everywhere you go. If you are looking for a better one, you can have a look at the chuwi hi9 pro review: best budget gaming tablet for the best deal in town. It will also allow you to access current affairs, office work, and social media.

kind of tablet allows you to go online and handle anything on the internet anywhere. Beyond gaming, it also will enable professionals to be up to date with current affairs in the market, respond to emails, and edit online documents.

It’s also the right tablet to keep you entertained with the latest US film and music at the luxury of your couch or bed with a portable Wi-Fi router that can conveniently provide reliable and private internet connection from the available public Internet.


Best Features of Portable Routers for Streaming your Favorite Film

What to look for in a portable router?

Streaming speed

Streaming of music and videos requires a very powerful connection that can only be achieved with a wireless router to amplify the speed. Some portable routers will reach a Wi-Fi speed of 300 Mbps and above with a 2.4GHz band to give you a lag-free and high-definition film and music streaming experience. This is not achievable when directly using the public Wi-Fi provided by your hotel or landlord.

Wi-Fi coverage

A wireless router allows you to expand the available connection, no matter how weak it is to cover a wider range. Hence you can freely connect with your tablet or smart TV from any location within your room. With this device, you don’t need to stay glued towards a certain location to keep connected. In short, your entire space across the rooms becomes fully covered.


Portable Wi-Fi routers come with an easy procedure for installation. Tech guys call it a plug and play procedure. In addition, ones logged in to the current network, whether open or secured, your devices will automatically connect without installation of additional software.

They are compatible with all United States made devices that utilize wired or wireless connection using the existing network. The versatile product may also come with a USB port for compatibility with flash disks or SD slots for data transfer, depending on the brand.

Compact size

Unlike the usual routers with long antennas and large surface areas, portable wireless routers are small in size and designed to be part of your personal items. They are easy to pack in your laptop bag or tablet porch without taking too much space.

They are also lightweight and allow them to pass through airport scans. Hence it’s a gadget that will deliver the best streaming experience without inconveniencing your movement.

Battery backup

Most of these routers to become fully portable also require power sustaining. They have inbuilt and high power capacity batteries to run for a whole day before recharging. This capacity acts as a power bank that is good enough to charge your smartphone if you forgot your charger. Hence you won’t miss your best show you lack a power supply socket near you.

Pros of streaming with a wireless router

Despite the availability of public Wi-Fi across the United States, this doesn’t mean that you can carelessly connect to any network available. No provider will take responsibility for any loss of data; leave alone poor service such as lags or breaks in connection. This is what to expect from a wireless router.

High-quality streaming

The portable router offers high speed and strong connection irrespective of where the internet network is coming from. It’s able to create a local hotspot with amplifies speed for seamless streaming of music and videos.

Best Features of Portable Routers for Streaming your Favorite Film

Creates unlimited hotspot

Another advantage of a router is the provision of a hotspot from a single signing for use by multiple users. Hence, single internet access can be shared across several persons or devices at the same time without affecting the quality of streaming. In addition, some brands also include internet ports to convert the wired network into a wireless hotspot.

Secure connection

Portable Wi-Fi also features encryption and authentication to create a secure network. This gives one the freedom to browse and transfer data without fear of losing it to unwanted persons. This goes beyond the advantage of quality streaming of media. Within a few setup steps, you will be able to convert a wired public network into a private and shared internet connection for you and your household

Affordable and economical

Internet connection in the modern world is becoming cheaper day by day. However, its availability in terms of getting installation can be expensive for every individual. However, with wireless routers, a community is able to utilize a single installation to connect each individual at no additional cost. Investing in this gadget is considered a one-off cost and no monthly charges as compared to mobile data charges from telecoms.


Wireless Wi-Fi routers are portable and are favorite among the young generation in the US who love to multitask while keeping entertained. While one can be patient in sending messages, emails, and browsing over a slow internet connection, no one will have the time to watch a lagging film. Even listening to breaking music is such an annoying experience. Therefore, to fully utilize the convenience of streaming, having a reliable, wireless, and portable router is key to keeping entertained.


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