Dws709 vs Dws779 – The Major differences

Dewalt is a highly reputed brand that has earned a lot of commendations for producing high quality tools that last for a long time. One of their strong points lies in the making of miter saws. In fact, Dewalt has a number of good miter saws that appeal to the different needs of their clients. That is why many people find difficulties when looking for the right Dewalt miter saw model. The bone of contention is usually between dws709 and dws779. Below, we will look at the features of the two saws to help you to make the right purchasing decision.

Motor and blade

If you work with tough materials, you may want to get a miter saw with a combination of a strong motor and durable blade. Luckily, both the dws709 and dws779 come with a 15 amp motor that eats through different materials available. This is possible because the tool spins at a top speed of about 3800 rpm. At this speed, the saw is also able to cut through tough metals such as steel.

In addition, both the dws709 and dws779 are fitted with carbide tipped blade that is very hard. This type of blade is important for it enables the tool to handle materials such as tiles without getting blunt. Also, a carbide blade won’t need sharpening as much as the other types of blades on the market. This is because the material is hard and thus will not be easily eaten away by the pieces that you are working on. The 12 inch blade also increases the capacity of the saw when making miter and bevel cuts.

The cutting capacity

When it comes to cutting capacity, it is important to look at several variables such as accuracy and the quality of the cuts that the saw is going to make. Both of these tools have red miter points that help users set miter angles. This is important for it enables people to make accurate miter cuts on wood and other materials.

The dws709 on the other hand has a double bevel compound angle that lie 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.  Also, you will find that the bevel angle on this device lies 49 degrees to the right and left of the tool. Many people like these tools because they deliver in every aspect. The 709 comes with a sliding fence that holds the materials that you are working on tightly. This enables you to make accurate cuts on wood and other materials.


A good miter saw should come with a lightweight but strong construction to ensure that it can last for a long time. A lightweight tool will enable you to work for long hours before fatigue sets in. the dws709 is a lightweight tool at about 60 pounds. On the other hand, the dws779 weighs about 67 pounds.

Why you should pick the dws709

Dewalt dws709 offers numerous advantages. These include:

  • Lightweight construction. The dws709 is one of the lightest miter saws on the market. This is owing to Dewalt’s great choice of materials that cut on weight without compromising on the structural strength of the tool.
  • Strong built quality. The dws709 has a strong build quality that is able to handle most tasks that you need to complete with the Dewalt miter saw. In addition, it enables the tool to last for a long time.
  • Handles a wide range of tasks and materials. With the dws 709, you do not have to worry about handling different tasks and materials. As a result, you are able to complete your projects without needing any additional tools.
  • Dual bevel cuts. The good thing with dws 709 miter saw is that it can make dual bevel cuts on both sides. This is helpful when wanting to make miter cuts that lie on both the left and right.
  • Great cross cutting ranges.
  • Sturdy aluminum base for enhanced stability.

Why you should go for dws 779

These are the reasons why you should choose the dws779 miter saw.

  • Durable saw. If you are looking for a miter saw that will last for a long time, the dws779 is the best choice. This is because the saw has a quality construction that enables it to last for a long time.
  • Dust collection feature. With a practical dust collection feature, the Dewalt dws779 makes your working area very clean.
  • 3 year warranty.


Both the dws709 and dws779 are capable tools that deliver great performance and durability however if you want more detail in their comparison, check out this review:

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