Choosing Flat or Curved TVs – All You Need to Know 

Flat vs curved TV is a new trending discussion among TV enthusiasts. Is the curve TV worth it? Yes, we are in love with the looks of curved TVs. When curved TVs first came, the shape was considered revolutionary and people bought it just for the sake of it. The makers claimed that the curved shape is more natural for human eyes’ peripheral vision. They claimed that the curved screen gives a wider and better viewing angle. If you are going to upgrade your Spectrum TV and internet package, upgrade your TV model as well. Who can say no to a bigger screen! But the question is, flat or a curved, which one to go for!

If you look at the market, new designs, features, and standards are coming more and more frequently. The tech-savvy generation wants more and more. And when it comes to entertainment, people don’t want to compromise on their experience. While the slight concave curvature is trending in TVs, some major questions regarding them are taking firm root.

So, while you’re in the middle of consumer debates regarding different concerns, stay put to know some important factors about flat and curved TVs. After reading this blog post, you will be able to finalize your decision of buying the right TV.

Viewing Angle

As far as the viewing angle of flat TV is concerned, the picture quality and its effect are going to be linear. And for the curved screen, the TV’s side that is opposite to the viewer has lesser picture quality degradation. And the side closer to the viewer degrades faster.

Viewing angle is a major consideration. The prevalent claim is that the curved screen TV manages a more generous and wider viewing angle. It makes it easier to watch more of the displayed image. To figure this out, we noticed both the screens closely. The curve in the screen makes the edges of the TV screen appear taller as compared to the center. If you sit very close to a flat TV, the sides usually darken slightly due to the narrow viewing angle. In a curved TV, this doesn’t happen. Also, the picture quality of both the TVs deteriorate if viewed from a different angle.

Therefore, the winner here is the curved TV!


A flat TV has standard reflections while a curved TV has distorted and stretched reflections. It is pretty evident that reflections appear differently on both types of TVs. The curved TV makes reflection stretched across the screen. The reflections are less harsh and opaque. For a flat screen, the difference is not too obvious. Therefore, it’s a tie here!


When it comes to aesthetics, you may be convinced that curved TV is going to win it. But to your surprise, it’s not only the look that counts. Know that the back of a curved TV is somewhat bulkier. This bulky back and curved shape make it trickier when it comes to mounting it to a wall. Aesthetics are usually subjective; hence, no one is the winner here.

Immersiveness and Size

When curved TV first came, one of the major arguments to favor it was how it increases the amount of perceptible screen area. The argument was that the 55’’ curved screen will actually appear bigger than a flat screen that is 55’’. That’s true. But, only to a tiny degree. Both flat and curved TVs share the same design except for the curved dip in the screen.

The picture quality is also almost identical. We tried to figure out the field of view for both the TVs in the discussion from a seated position. We took our observation from almost 8 feet away from TV screens. And we reached the conclusion that a 55’’ curved TV only appears to be 55.8’’. The difference is clearly small. But yes, curved is the winner here. Just keep in mind the extra cost that you have to pay to get it. If you think it’s worth it, go for it!


There are some evident differences between curved and flat TVs. But they are not very evident. The few differences that are there are only noticeable at extreme angles or from extreme proximity. Only if you have a crazy appreciation for aesthetics, and an ample budget for your new TV purchase, then go for a curved TV. And if you are only looking for an improved version of flat TVs, you will be disappointed.

So don’t call your Spectrum Customer Service number when you get a less than perfect picture quality. It’s not their fault!Also, the cable TV providers don’t offer different services and features for flat and curved TVs. But it is better to confirm. If you are not that crazy about life like quality, then no point in spending too much for such a little difference!

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