Things You Must Remember Before Buying a Drone Under $300

Drones are a huge rage lately and for all the right reasons. Travellers, V-loggers, photographers, filmmakers, and even hobbyist drone racers have jumped the bandwagon for all the benefits it brings.

The majestic shots, the ease of accessibility, and the financial and competitive business edge that drones bring make them worth the investment. That being said, there are multiple varieties of drones under $300 available in the market. You must ensure you know what you are buying and how will you be using it. Moreover, if you purchase something that is designed for budget purchases, there might be certain limitations that you would want to educate yourself about. Here are a few things that you must remember when buying the drone for you

Where to Buy Drone Under $300?

Usually, like any other product, drones are readily available from third-party vendors and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. You can always order a drone from such vendors. That being said, drones are a unique tech product that often requires being upgraded for any latest hardware or software improvements. Only official product stores can upgrade existing devices for such upgrades.

For example, the official DJI store will upgrade your drone for the latest software program in the controller, if you buy the drone from the official store. However, third-party sellers such as Amazon will not be able to provide you such services at the time of purchase. That means official stores will always have a slight edge over third-party vendors.

Type of Drone

Just because you are buying a drone under $300 does not mean that you will be buying a particular type of drone only. There are multiple different types of drones available in all price brackets; therefore, you must educate yourself about what are you buying and is the product right to fit your requirements. Educate yourself about different types of drones such as RTF or ready-to-fly drones, almost ready-to-fly, Bind, and Fly drones. 

Drone Regulations

Drones are no ordinary fun toys; it enables you to take a flight in the air and look around with a camera installed in the equipment. Such a machine calls for regulations, and therefore, most countries have rules and regulations in place when it comes to flying drones. You must educate yourself about the local regulations when flying a drone.

If you are a traveller who is buying a drone to document your travel, make sure you educate yourself about drone restrictions and regulations in place at your travel destination. Some countries require you to register your drone before you use them. Even if there is no such rule, it will still be a good idea to get your drone officially registered to save yourself from trouble in case there is a problem. 

Ethics and Etiquette

Once you have taken care of the legal restrictions, make sure you pay attention to drone flying etiquette as well. Unlike laws and regulations, ethics and etiquette are not explicitly written anywhere. However, it is your moral responsibility to act respectfully a responsible and civil citizen when handling drones.

Drone cameras are designed to give you access to otherwise inaccessible spaces. This means you can stand on the ground but fly a drone to peek in someone’s apartment on the third floor. Just because it is possible to do so does not mean you should do so, either consciously or unconsciously. It is not ethical to fly a drone in any densely populated area, especially if there is a risk of invasion of privacy.

Stick to flying in open public spaces. Likewise, flying a drone too close to someone’s body or in an area of traffic flow can pose a huge risk of an accident. Your drone can bump into someone’s head or hover over a car’s windscreen and block the visibility. That can be extremely threatening, and there is a huge risk of accidents under such situations. Moreover, make sure you do not fly your drones in an area that is proximity to airports, runways, and air bases. 

Flying Conditions

Even a large commercial jet has to be mindful of flying conditions before it prepares to fly. Your drone is also a flying machine, and it needs the right conditions that can facilitate smooth and risk-free flying. You must educate yourself about the flying conditions to avoid loss or damage to your equipment.

Generally, every drone has different resistance and capacity for unfavourable weather conditions; therefore, make sure you understand the limitations of your product. Besides that, most drones will not be safe in extreme weather conditions such as sandstorms, gusty winds, and heavy rains. Therefore, avoid using your drone under such circumstances. Although some drones are equipped with night-vision cameras. Avoid flying in very dark areas with low visibility, especially when there is a risk of bumping into trees or any other obstacle. 

Flying Rules

When you are high or intoxicated, whether it is alcohol, drug, or even medication, your brain is not functioning at its best potential. That means your capacity to pay attention and focus is hindered when you are under the influence. Under such circumstances, you are not allowed to be on the wheels of any vehicle to avoid accidents.

In the same manner, you should also prevent piloting a drone when you are under the influence. Although you are not physically riding on the drone, you are still controlling it. There is always a hazard when you are not handling the controls in your sober mode. 

Expertise Level

Just because you are buying a drone under 300 that costs you less than 300 bucks, does not mean you will get a drone meant for beginners and amateurs by default. There are expert and advanced level machines available in low price brackets as well. Therefore, when purchasing the drone, pay attention to the specs. Make sure you are buying something that is meant for your expertise level, and you can handle it easily.

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