4 Tips on Keeping Your Computer Files under Control

If you have recently started a new job and are looking to be as organized as possible, this article is for you. When we talk about being organized at work, a lot of people ignore the fact that the files in their computer are also a part of their office space and it needs to be organized as well. I assure you if you don’t start organizing your files from the beginning a time will come that you will be digging through folders and will be clicking everything to find one piece of a document on your computer. So, how can you organize those files and folders accurately? Here is what you need to do:

Received a File? Take immediate Action on It

One of the reasons that the data keep piling up in your pc is that sometimes you are intensely focused on working on a particular file, and suddenly you receive another one in the middle of it. Now, in such scenario people mostly leave the file on desktop or in download folder. When you are too much invested in your current task, you tend to ignore such things. But it is better that you immediately move it to the right folder. This way, your data will stay organized. And once you are finished with the task at hand, you will quickly get back to that other file.

Merge The PDF’s Having the Same Topic

Let’s say that you were researching a particular topic, and you downloaded relevant material regarding them in PDF format. Instead of spreading those files on the desktop or in download folder consider merging them into one. This way, you will also be able to read the material more easily as all of the files will now be in a single document. To merge the documents you can use sodapdf, which is an excellent tool for converting, editing, and merging PDF documents.

Do Not Hesitate To Delete the Unnecessary Files

Deleting unnecessary files is the first thing you should be doing to organize your documents. But despite being a no brainer, this one is the most overlooked. If you want to keep your pc clean and organized, never keep files that have served their purpose. Some people just let the files stay where they are, and the excuse they have is that they might need it in the future. Once your file has served the purpose, you need to delete it. If you are too cautious and you still think you might need it later, then instead of leaving it where it is, create a separate folder for such files and keeps them there.

Do Not Create Too Many Folders

Sometimes, to stay more organized people start creating more and more folders category wise and start dumping files in them. If you are creating too many folders, then what is the point in organizing in the first place? More folder will only make a mess, so make sure that you keep folder creation as minimal as possible. Just create a handful of major folders and keep all your files in them.


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