What Is A Best Connector You Should Know About

Best Connector links two or more things together in a perfect way.

Searching for an article that would help point you in which connectors would be the best options to choose from is pretty rare to find.

It obviously depends on what sort of applications of connectors you may need but here is a basic run-through on two different companies and the connectors they are most commonly known for.

What Are Some Of The Best And Most Commonly Used Connectors?

Starting off with Neutrik- OpticalCON, a German brand that has been in the market for around 40 years and still provides the best connectors for people to use, the other would be Lemo with their SMPTE that come in two variations.

Seeing as they are both very famous companies in their field of market and have different connectors to choose from, going into OpticalCON and SMPTE would be the best for people to understand.

Neutrik – OpticalCON

There are various types of Neutrik connectors under the branch of OpticalCON, but a few of the noteworthy ones would be as mentioned below. The OpticalCON DUO Cable, OpticalCON QUAD Cable and the OpticalCON LITE Cable will be just a few of the connectors under Neutrik’s opticalCON selection.

OpticalCON DUO Cable

Starting off with the OpticalCON DUO cable, the whole OpticalCON system is mainly based on the LC-Duplex connectors yet they disregard the weakness that they provide, but they carry on the safety of dust protection and rugged connection.

But looking towards the DUO side of things, they offer a choice of choosing between the rugged side of the OpticalCON for mobile applications or the cost-effective side of the LC cables. The DUO is the ideal solution to choose from when it comes to equipment connections and system integrations as the fact that it offers LC compatibly on a chassis connector from the front and backside.

These connectors are fairly rugged and durable as they have an all-metal housing, they also feature a push-pull locking mechanism. As it has an automatically operated seal cover it protects the connector against any type of dirt or dust that may cause damage to it.

They are pre-assembled connectors and have the cables come in different lengths.

OpticalCON QUAD Cable

The OpticalCON QUAD connectors are fairly similar to the DUO connection systems, but yet they have an added four-channel making it more beneficial for point-to-point interconnections and multi-channel applications. This way the whole system sustains with the increase of need for fibre optic channels.

They accommodate four PC optical channels, as providing a push-pull locking mechanism in which similar to the LC and DUO connectors, they stay well protected again any dust or dirt as they would have the automatically operated sealing cover.

They are pre-assembled connectors and have the cables come in different lengths. learn more about Buy Fiber Optic Connectors Online.

OpticalCON LITE Cables

Finally, for the OpticalCON LITE connectors, they are a semi-rugged fibre optic connector and have a variety of applications that they could be used for, this is all due to the fact that they are very lightweight, have a compact design, a high mating cycle that would provide a safe and much more cost-effective connection and let’s not forget about the robust housing that they provide.

The whole design and structure that they provide are a fibre structure that is designed to meet any type of extreme weather conditions that they may come across in the entertainment industry. Having high flexibility that can be bent however you may see fit, as well as its compact design.

Lemo – SMPTE


This connector series is newer on the market as they were designed in 2017, with this new design they have fewer components being used and offers an innovative feature being the FS contact.

Through the FS contact has a reduced amount of components and can now fit into any new connector shape. It is fully compatible with SMPTE, yet a disadvantage maybe how that there is no component or spare part that can be compatible with the previously used LEMO connector version.

Some features and advantage that they provide would be

  • A brand new design that allows easy fibre length adjustments
  • The use of half-shells are no longer required
  • An increase in space for the fibre to move around more freely within the connectors
  • They are hybrid with:- 2 fibre optic contacts, 2 signal contacts and 2 power contacts and ground
  • Has a push-pull locking mechanism
  • More than 11 shell styles
  • A keying W code
  • A stainless steel shell
  • Can withstand temperatures ranging from -55°C to 90°C

Looking at these few listed features and advantages they the new 3K.93C.Y provides makes the whole product more innovative and yet still provides the utmost best quality without a doubt. There would be more to add onto the list but that would make the list never-ending and more boring to read on.


Having been around for many years now, the 3K.93C series were developed during the early stages of the introduction of HDTV abbreviated for high-definition TV that has now become the standard. They may be the only hybrid fibre optic connectors that are being used worldwide that may comply with the other SMPTE 304/ 311, ARIB ND EBU that are standard for signal and cable.

These connectors have now become the go-to connector whether it being national or international broadcast stations companies.

Lemo also provides training on the connectors and fibre optic cable terminations at their facilities in the UK.

Some features that they provide would be

  • Hybrid with:- 2 fibre optic contacts, 2 signal contacts and 2 power contacts and ground
  • Has a push-pull locking mechanism
  • More than 11 shell styles
  • A keying W code
  • A stainless steel shell
  • Can withstand temperatures ranging from -55°C to 90°C

They have many more features and advantages that make them stand out as a connector, for it to be a go-to connector worldwide.

If you were to perhaps search for where you can find such connectors, there should be a local distributor near you to help you in any way possible.

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