What To Do When Your Phone Run Out Of Battery?

Just imagine, you are travelling by road, engrossed too much in taking pictures of the landscape via smartphone, sharing them on facebook, instagram, twitter. Then the thing happens next is the most outrageous; suddenly your phone runs out of battery.

Wait, that’s not the most shocking thing, however the troublesome fact is, there is no socket or power outlet to charge your dead phone. I know, that’s the horrible thing that could be happens or already happened to anyone of you.

Therefore, in order to prevent yourself from these circumstances, portable chargers or power banks is the most authentic way to sought out this problem on the spot and continue the joy you were having before, before it’s too late.

Whereas, there are plenty of options you can have when you are about to buy the best portable chargers or the most perfect power bank that could fulfil your need, yet it is the most suffering part as well. The reason behind this hard part is the lack of information regarding the product and your expectations towards it.

What to do next?

The next thing is the most tiresome task and that is; NOT TO DO ANYTHING, BUT JUST RELAX and check out this awesome portable charger we have picked for you.

Solar Power Bank 10000mah


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable, long lasting battery
  • Waterproof
  • Safest charge to your device
  • Two devices could be charged at a time


Whether you are indoor or outdoor, wireless portable charger is the most authentic way to boost your dead phones.

How well it performs?


Solar power bank portable charger is a great wireless charger with li-polymer battery consist 10000mah big power; ready to provide emergency backup whenever and wherever needed. Moreover, there are two USB outlet; 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A, able to charge two devices simultaneously.

There are three modes of charging this portable power bank, i.e. through the solar panel attached to it and other way is the USB charging outlet. However, solar charging method is designed for emergency purpose, thus it is the secondary way of charge, whereas, USB port charging is the primary way to charge it.

Although, if you are on the road trip or conducting some sort of outdoor activity, then solar charging will take longest time up to 40 hours to fully charge this wireless charger as compared to charge through the wall socket via USB cable that is total 12 hours.

How many charge can this charger provide?

Well coming towards the number of charge it can provide, this portable charger is able to fill your iPhone x, XR, XR Max, XS, 8, 8 Plus, 6, 6s up to 2-3 times, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus up to 3.5 times, Samsung S8, S6 up to 1.5 times. iPad mini up to 1.2 times, whereas, it can provide charges to almost every iQ compatible devices multiple times.


This solar power bank is extremely light in weight and durable which makes it too portable, you can tuck it in your pocket or backpack since it is easy to carry anywhere.

In addition, it is made up of ABS secure plastic, non explosive material that covers it and prevent it from burning when placed under hot rays of sun.

Further, it is designed in a shape of your regular phone, non bulgy and not heavy. There are five blue mini LED lights indicates the remaining battery status and light ups when it is charging through the wall socket via USB port, whereas one green mini LED light light up when charged through the solar panel.

In addition, there is a mini compass fixed in it, in case you get miss on your way out, this compass helps you out to navigate your way towards your destination. Whats more, it has a flashlight, which helps you alot in the dark.

Is it safe to charge?

Yes it is safe to charge your phone through this solar power bank. There is no single chance of short circuit, over charging, over voltage and it prevents your phone or other USB devices from getting heat up due to its power management capabilities.


There are not many cautions to take care of but only one i.e. while charging this wireless charger through the solar panel; put this power bank away from fire or metallic item under the sun.

Short verdict

To sum up, solar power bank is an awesome and efficient way to charge your phone when there is no source of power supply and you are in a dire need of battery. Perhaps the best gift you can give to your friend who love to travel or a family member who is always run out of battery.

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