Thunder VPN A Fast, Unlimited, Free VPN Proxy

A thunder VPN is a lightning-fast proxy app that can use for your device to get the secure IP address by hiding your identity. This app provides free services with high- speed bandwidth with no additional cost on a connection. A thunder VPN can use on an android device or your windows.

You can use a thunder VPN for mac also. This article will show you the installation process of thunder VPN on mac including a short discussion on the thunder VPN app.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that will give you access to blocked sites and secure the connection and your physical address from hackers. Sometimes, you will face a problem with some sites that are blocked by authorities.

This VPN will give you access to all kinds of sites by securing your physical IP address. You will find lots of VPN apps to use on your android device, windows or Mac. Choose apps that you want to use and download it from the app store.

What is Thunder VPN?

Thunder VPN is a proxy app to use on an android device, windows PC or Mac to get access to the blocked sites. This a free app with unlimited bandwidth with no login process. You can use this app on the mobile or convert it into software through an emulator to use on PC.

Also, this app is applicable for Mac. As this helps to encrypt your IP address and get you a safe connection, this app is now getting popular day by day. If you want to hide your identities for working purposes, you can use this app without any doubt.

Reason for using Thunder VPN

Several reasons will influence you to select the Thunder VPN for your device. For safe and secure VPN services you can always pick up the Thunder VPN app. Reason for choosing Thunder VPN is-

  1. This app can provide you a large number of servers with high- speed bandwidth to get access to all sites.
  2. This app supports all kinds of mobile networks along with Wi-FI, 3G, 4G/LTE, etc.
  3. No registration and login policy are applicable for using this VPN app.
  4. It gives you a well-designed UI with a good configuration system.
  5. This app is user-friendly and has no time limit.

The download process of Thunder VPN on Mac

As you know you can use the Thunder VPN app on android, windows or Mac. Here is the download process of the thunder VPN on iOS Mac.

  • At first, download an emulator that will help you to install the Thunder VPN app on your iOS. We know the Bluestacks is the best software that can support Windows. For iOS Mac, you can download the Bluestacks 4 iOS version.
  • Run the application on your Apple gadget. Either it is a laptop or desktop that you are using. When you will go through the process, a pop-up screen will show.
  • Follow the instruction on your pop – up screen and continue the process.
  • If you are done with your set up, now open the software. For Apple users, the setting system is a little different from others. Click on the My apps and you will see an option called system app. Select the Play store option and they will show a play store with a search button on it.
  • Write the Thunder VPN on the search bar and you will find the latest version for your iOS Mac.
  • Now, download an application form and run it on your iOS device.

You are ready to use a thunder VPN on your iOS Mac device. Open the app and enjoy services from it. You don’t have to sign in this app with your email id.

New Features on Latest Version of Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is already popular among the users. Because of its popularity, Thunder VPN fix their previous problem and publish the latest version with new features. Those are-

  1. They offer proper optimization with video surfing for android devices and personal computers.
  2. They use the latest VPN technology to upgrade with your device and PC.
  3. To save your ram space they released a lightweight software.
  4. They increase their protection and privacy system in the browsing area. Now you can easily browse any site you want.
  5. Every year they publish the latest version to cope up with the device.


Thunder VPN service gives you a secure anonymous connection to use the internet smoothly. You can hide your identities by using this thunder VPN. You can easily download this app from the play store for your android device. Or, you can use an emulator to set up the thunder VPN for mac or windows. Easy installation service and user-friendly app make this popular among the users. After releasing the latest version, it gives you more features for the user. So, you can download it anytime and use it for your device.

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