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All USB – C Cables May Not Keep Up With Their Promises

You will get a lot of charger cables on the market made by different manufactures that claim their product as the best and most effective. Therefore, it is important that you distinguish the tall promises from the genuine ones. There are a few specific ways in which you can ensure that the USB – C cable that you are buying is perfectly compatible with your device.
In theory, all USB-C cables must be the same. However, in practice, only a few manufacturers stick to this standard. That means you will get different versions of these cables which is most worrying as many cables that are sold on the market may not fully conform to the USB-C standard. This is seriously bad news because of the following reasons:

  • It will slowly but surely affect the functionality and performance of your device in the long run.
  • Most of these non-compliant charger cables will fail to offer you the full data speeds as promised.
  • The others cannot be used for data transfer at all as these will draw out too much power eventually damaging the device as well as the USB port in your device.
  • Different devices are designed with different specs for drawing maximum current and all modern USB-C devices draw more power significantly.

Therefore, if you are using a USB-A port charger for your USB-C device, then you are surely damaging your device as any non-compliant cable will usually draw out more power from the port than it is designed to handle.

Need For Compatibility

You must check for the compatibility of the apple charger cable with the port of your device. There are several reasons to it.

  • Usually, a compliant charger cable will have a resistor built in it to limit the drawing of current. This will prevent your device as well as the charger from being damaged.
  • Complaint cables will also handle the speed and data problems effectively fitting well with the USB-C ports.

There are three methods in which you can ensure compatibility:

  • First, stick to the specific brand. This is the simplest approach to make sure that the charger cable you buy is in accordance to the set standards of Apple. However, you may also try out other reputed and trustworthy brands such as Amazon Basics that not only adhere to the standards but are also relatively cheaper.
  • Second, you must look for the SuperSpeed+ or SS+ logo. However, all cables may not use the full logo or may not differentiateamid the older SS and the newer SS+ labels. There are a few cables that may also use SS and a 10 in their label to indicate 10GBPS instead of an SS+.
  • Third, look for the USB generation label which should be ideally a USB 3.1 Gen 2. This will support 10 GBPS while the USB 3.1 will support 5GBPS.

It is essential that you buy a cable for your device that is safe, offers full data transfer speeds and supports it as well.

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