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No matter if you are a traditional or online college student, learning things is a vital way to maintain your grades and guarantee your exam passing.

Nowadays, spending hours in libraries to study and find new knowledge is not bound to be a tiresome process anymore. Digital technologies go on evolving, so new apps every college student needs appear regularly to make studying much more comfortable and add fun to it.

Leave traditional learning where it belongs – in 2002. Modern students don’t have time to write paper cards and to thumb through copybook manuscripts during hours. Many of them actually prefer to buy essay tasks completed by professional authors instead of writing texts on their own. Agreed?

Then, new student apps for smartphones and laptops can create a complete, seamless ecosystem. With it, your notes will remain available from any device at any moment. From Quinzlet Go to Forest, from Evernote to Todoist, student apps can assist you in focusing, streamlining, and improving your effectiveness at a time.

Here below, you’ll find the 7 best student apps anyone should have. Not all of them are free, some will cost you a couple of bucks, but they all are almost perfect tosuit your individual needs in studying. Additionally, they mostly can function adequately on both Android and iOS devices.


Cost: $7.99

For college students, notes mean everything. There is no other way to prepare for finals and pass all the most complicated exams. Among other useful programs, Evernote is the one helping them keep things organized and straightforward in one “coordination center” inside your smartphone.

Notes in Evernote can be enhanced with the use of attachments, audios, links, checklists, and many other things. The free demo version of this student app allows synchronizing notes between two gadgets, finding texts in images, clipping webpages, etc. The Evernote Plus premium subscription will cost you $34.99 yearly while letting you sync unlimited devices.


Cost: $28.99

There is nothing unusual in more than 10 million users who organize their lives with Todoist. This program can organize practically anything, starting from lists of shopping items and ending with movies you plan to watch. By the cost of $28.99 per year, you gain the Todoist Premium version. With it, you can set your custom templates, use graphs with coded colors, and do many more things.


Cost: $1.99

If you are missing the feel of a pen in your hand, this program is what you need. MyScript Calculator allows solving math problems and equations on the touch screen of your tablet or phone by hand. It is a nice opportunity to learn: you’ll never remember formulas that well when using a calculator instead of handwritten solutions. One of the must-have math student apps, MyScript, is capable of recognizing your handwritten symbols to help you solve any equation and learn math well. In case of such a cool student app, $1.99 is not a high price.

DRAGON ANYWHERE: Probably Irreplaceable Student App

Cost: $14.99

Have you ever wanted to get your private stenographer while speaking your thoughts? Actually, it is possible now with Dragon Anywhere. It lets you dictate documents and then edit them with voice commands. Not only journalism students can use it. Dragon Anywhere is suitable for any major or professional. Additionally, it is possible to export notes from Dragon to other applications (Evernote, for example) and access them easily there. The cost is $15 monthly.

SIMPLEMIND PRO: Mind Mapping App for Students

Cost: $7.99

The SimpleMind presents functional layouts for brainstorming and mind mapping. This program also allows adding media files (videos, images, voice memos, etc.) to maps. This interactive and user-friendly app will cost you only $7.99 to open the whole bunch of its functions.


Cost: $1.99

While a student is working, going in for studies, or hanging out at a friend’s party, Forest will help them remain concentrated on what they are doing at the very moment. The concept is to grow a forest through this student program. Each separate tree in a forest is the focus time amount visualization.

What’s the deal? This app has a partnership with the Trees for the Future organization, which actually cares about tree planting. That is why, every time you spend virtual currency earned in the Forest app, its developers donate to tree planting.


Cost: $3.99

A single-time payment of $4 turns your iOS portable gadget into a scanner. From now on, there is no need to worry about the possibility to scan some texts required to prepare students for the upcoming test. Your phone camera can scan them in HQ formats, and then add the files to cloud storage servers. Sending scans directly to Evernote is also possible. It is a great app to save time and to reduce the mass of paper humans have to use daily. Potentially, it can save many trees.

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