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Why is it Important to Add a Chatbot to your WordPress Site?

Chatbots and live chatting facilities are very much preferred by the customers and users of different websites, and it can be an ideal way for you as well to increase the traffic of your website. When you hire a WordPress theme developer, he will be telling you how much benefits you can earn by introducing the best marketing strategy- the chatbot while you can maintain the quality of your site and get useful leads to enhance and expand your business from your users.

Do not make the mistake of settling down with a lower conversation rate and try to bring in more traffic to your website. Instead, use the most potent tool available in the market at present, which people actually enjoy- the chatbots. It will also decrease the cost of your business incurs per lead.

But it is somewhat true that you might get more than one conversation requests at the time, or it is not possible to accept frequent calls all through the day. You may require a few helping hands with that initially.

This article will be talking about how you can introduce chatbots in your WordPress site and why it has become a necessity to have it on board.


Since this has been in trend for recent years, it is supposedly one of the best strategies to engage customers with your website.

According to the statistical data published regarding sales and marketing, it is noted that almost 62% of users have voted for chatbots to be the most efficient tool for a 24*7 online service. And about 69% of people have accepted that will like to choose the chatbot options since it is the easiest and hassle-free way to get answers to all the simple questions they may have. It is a piece of great news for entrepreneurs like you because you can diverge the conversation rates to increase your leads and traffic for your site.

Your customers remain satisfied with the chatbots being introduced on your website. Since it works on the basis of instant redressal, the customers feel good about the platform. It initiates conversation directly between the users and providers, which not only increases the base of the relationship but also maintains an impersonal tone.

The option is useful for you as well since it is providing you qualifying questions, and you do not need to produce any formal forms for it. You can seriously consider having the option on your website while using WordPress customization.

Another advantage of having a chatbot is that it helps your customers to directly solve queries so that they do not close the website without knowing the answers. For example, a customer, when he has a question, has to open Google and search for the answers he is looking for under a broad topic.

Even if he lands up into your website, it may be so that the answer to his question is not given in any content of your website. If you have the option to chat, no matter what time be it, people will have the urge to come back to your site, which as well will increase the traffic.

It is equally valid that people do not feel like to dial a number in case of a query. Also, filling up query forms primarily via screens are also problematic. Chatbot comes to rescue since it happens to be the only marketing strategy that is friendly and solves the problem without having poor conversations and bounce rates.

How To Add a Chatbot to your WordPress site?

You need to first add a chatbot on Facebook, and it is a very simple process to do. If you know programmings like python, you can use it; If not, there are many third-party applications available which serves your purpose right.

You can consider the recommendations like the chatfuel, which helps to configure the chatbot by using blocks that are pre-built like the Divi using modules. Manychat or It’s alive are options that enable you to screen and monitor the conversations. It is easy and suitable for start-level knowledge.

WordPress customization can be done here. When you have designed a working chatbot, all you need is to integrate it and put it in a plug-in. You can use the WP chatbot for facebook messenger. After you install and activate it, you need to go to the WordPress dashboard and put in the facebook app ID along with the correspondent page ID. Select the options and change the Minimized option for the chatbot to default. Save all the changes made.

You need to check whether the chatbot is working in WordPress. When you get notifications like logged into facebook, you know that it has linked all the platforms you intended, and you are all set.

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