Top 7 Best Messaging Apps for Android

In the recent light of technology, there has been a lot of the transformation in the way people communicate among themselves. While phone calls still prevail, messaging has become a popular mode of communication among the global population. With changing times, there has been major improvisation in the messaging app’s segment for the Android platform. Here is the list of best messaging apps for android that have made a mark in this segment.

Best Messaging Apps for Android in 2019


One of the most popular messaging Android apps is Signal. It is a private messaging application that also facilitates real-time conversations. It supports sharing of media and other files. Neither the servers of this application have access to the communication, nor does it store any user data. There is an end to end encryption protocol enabled in the application. It is the only private messenger application that utilizes open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols. This aids in the safekeeping of messages and calls.

There is an option for group chat among friends and family. Additionally, it has a calling feature as well. It supports long distance calls without any extra charges. Hence, it is a complete communication app for Android.


GroupMe is next in the list of popular messaging apps for Android. It has over 37 lakh downloads already and is still counting. The user can initiate the conversation by adding the phone number or email. Even if one is not using the application, he or she can chat through SMS. There is an option to control the notifications as per user requirement. One can mute conversations or can add or leave groups. GroupMe adds a level of personal touch to the conversations. There is a collection of emojis available. Users can also add memes and GIFs.

It allows seamless sharing of images and videos which can be later accessed through a well-organized gallery. It supports group chat as well as one on one conversation also.

WhatsApp Messenger

The list of best messaging apps is incomplete without the addition of WhatsApp. With a 1.5 billion plus user base, It is currently one of the most accepted messaging android apps across the globe. It is a messaging app that also doubles up for calling and media and document transfer platform. Whats more? Whatsapp is free for lifetime, that means users can send and receive images, videos, messages, and other files without spending a penny for a lifetime.

WhatsApp also comes with an Web counterpart, namely Whatsapp web that aids in communication through a web browser. There is no username or pin for logging in the application. It works only with a phone number.

Another great feature about Whatsapp is it stores messages even if the user is offline. Alongside that users can share location, set up custom wallpapers, notification sounds and much more with this app.


Coming from the house of Google is Messages. This application supports texting and chatting. It has a convenient design that makes communication simple. It comprises of instant notifications and smart replies. There is a dark mode present which allows viewing in low light situations. The user can share images and videos swiftly. One can add a personal touch to communication with the help of emojis, memes, and GIFs.

The user can send audio messages. The advanced search option allows looking for a particular contact conversation and its associated files. The application shows the when the contacts for a particular user are typing a message or have read one.

chomp SMS

It is a popular messaging app that has more than 10 million users worldwide. The application has high-level security measures in order to ensure private messaging. It has a passcode lock and privacy options that can be set according to user requirements.

There are a lot of other features in this application. It supports SMS scheduling, stop text, SMS blocking and much more. There is quick reply popup which is active even on the lock screen. The users can customize the application functionalities also. There are options for altering notification LED colors, ringtones, and vibration patterns.

Facebook Messenger

This is texting and chatting application from the popular social media platform Facebook. It is an application that supports a host of functionalities in addition to messages. It is an effective photo and video sharing platform also. The application has an in-built camera to capture images or video and send to any number of designated people. The user can send audio messages as well. It can be directly recorded on the app and sent to other people.

The application supports voice calls and video chats. The users can make plans through polls; share a location and much more with Facebook Messenger. One can conveniently connect with businesses for booking or reservations.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is one of the early messaging apps that were launched in the year 2010. The latest version of the application is known as Handcent Next SMS 8.0. It has the best of modern age messaging platform features that provide a seamless experience to the users. The application allows trendy customizations that include a wide-ranging variety of themes and backgrounds. The user can choose from a palette of backgrounds, fonts, ringtone etc. that supports a high level of customization as per preference. Handcent is compatible across different devices such as desktop and tablet.

The application is powered with MMS plus that allows sharing and downloading of images and videos in full resolution. Handcent runs with a cloud backup facility for storing messages and other files. So no matter what, you can always trust this app to keep your data securely. It also ensures complete privacy and security through Private Box and  offers an end to end encryption message box that opens through a passcode set by the user. It has SMS Blocker function also for prevention against unwanted spam and messages.

Messaging apps have become popular in the app development segment in recent years. These have also gained importance in the Android app development sector. This opens up new business opportunities for companies worldwide. With the inclusion of technologies like AI and Machine Learning into the messaging app segments, the possibilities of expansions are now larger than ever. To develop an app which can compete the apps mentioned in this list of best messaging apps you can consider a recognized android app development company like Unified Infotech, who has been actively providing services in this segment for nearly a decade now.

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