Top 5 Methods to Protect Your Gadgets from Water

Unless you are a fan of deliberately boiling your gadgets for stress tests, you may never want to see your devices submerged in water. Why would you, anyway? Due to the effects that liquids can have on electronics, exposing them to water is the last thing you need.

That’s why most manufacturers now make it a point to protect their devices from water exposure. Through effective measures, they make sure that the electronics you invest in can hold their own against excessive moisture.

But how can you ensure that the devices you are buying are protected against water? From parylene to special cases, here are 5 ways to make sure that your gadgets remain protected from water.

Buy Devices with Parylene Coating

As a conformal coating, parylene ensures to cover the delicate components of a gadget without leaving any room for pinholes or exposure. This lets you cover all dips and bumps on your device’s critical parts.

Since the coating is hydrophobic, it can repel excess moisture without letting a single drop of water through. This makes it an ideal and critical waterproofing measure for many devices, especially for their printed circuit boards (PCBs).

That’s why it’s critical that whenever you are purchasing a new device to make sure that it uses this polymer to some extent. Thankfully, almost all high-end brands pass this test, which makes it a pretty easy requirement to fulfill.

 Get a Waterproof Case

Once you have purchased your device, it’s essential that you go beyond the manufacturer’s features to keep it safe from water. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in a waterproof case.

These cases are often made from silicone and Gorilla Glass. But they are structured in a way that ensures no excess water enters your device. These protective items are usually available for flagship smartphones and tablets that typically use parylene in their PCBs.

You can easily get these cases online according to the brand and model of your device.

Invest in a Waterproof Bag

Whether you have a daily commute with your gadgets or if you want to keep your expensive devices safe, investing in a waterproof bag is the way to go.

These bags are available in spacious designs, which can protect your laptops, tablets, and phones quite easily. Even when you have to spend a few minutes in the rain, these bags can secure your gadgets from soaking underwater.

This makes these bags quite a necessary purchase if you have uber-expensive devices or need to protect your investment.

Get Devices with a High IPX Rating

This IP or Ingress Protection Code rating signifies a device’s resistance to dust, water, and other elements.

IP Code ratings are typically written in an IPXX format, where the first X corresponds to exposure against solid particles, and the second one refers to protection against water. This is separate from the use of parylene, and refers to the overall security of the device.

For instance, a rating of IP67 signifies that a device can stay in a meter-deep body of water for half an hour. Whereas, an IP68 rating mentions that it can hold its own at an even deeper level. With this in mind, make sure that you are getting a device with a high IPX rating for ultimate protection.

Apply Nano Coating to Your Phone

In case your device doesn’t come with flagship protection features, or if you have an older model, you can still protect it by using nanocoating.

This nano-coating is made from ultrafine particles, which stick to your device’s body and perform a solid layer. This coating is applied by using specialized processes such as a vacuum chamber, which ensures optimal protection against water for your gadgets.

This provides your device with an added level of safety. While not as powerful as perylene, this coating still gets the job done.

Following these methods ensures you can protect your devices against moisture exposure to the best of your ability. As a result, you can extend your gadgets’ overall lifespan and get the most out of your investment.

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