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10 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding

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A wedding is a very special day and you want to make it as beautiful and memorable as possible. When it comes to decorating your wedding, there are a lot of things that can be done to make your wedding become the best wedding ever. Here are 10 tips for decorating that can help you make decorate your dream wedding.

Picking Out Your Colors

When you choose what colors you intend for to have for your wedding, go for a mix of different colors instead of just 2 or 3 simple colors. You can stick to your main colors and add different shades to bring out more from the combination of shade and can even use colors that complement each other. Having a nice and unique set of colors picked out can really bring life to the overall design.

Stick with A Theme

Choose a motif to go with, this doesn’t have to be very repetitive but at least avoid too much randomness by adding designs that are far off from your idea theme. You can get creative but make sure there is a resemblance with your decorations to your theme.

Choose The Right Venue

Be sure to pick out the right place for your wedding so you don’t have to do so much trying to transform the venue you have into something different which you could have picked much earlier. If you’re going for a ballroom-like venue then choose one and if you want one that’s more naturistic or outdoorsy, choose a garden venue. Depending on what theme you have and what kind of feel you want, pick the correct venue to avoid trying to change so much and so you can invest in other decorative ideas.

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Table Shapes and Arrangement

Instead of just getting the same tables try mixing and matching different shapes to make things different and more unique. Most people would mix round and square table and even arrange it in different ways. You could layout everything in a spread out pattern, set tables up by rows and even go for round tables outside and squared tables lined up on the inside. A popular design could be to have square tables forming a long extended table in the center which is for the bride, groom and their family while the other round tables on the outside is for friends and other guests. There are many ways to set the tables up.

Positioning Everything

Makes sure to position everything well such as the tables that everyone will be sitting at, the catering or food table, the wedding cake and decorations. Positioning everything so that there is space will not only make things more comfortable for everyone but it will also look more organized.

Combining Different Textures

When it comes to seat covers, table fabrics and even decorative linens places around as designs, choose different textures to avoid a dull appearance. Having different textures makes things look more unique and choosing the right ones that go together will make them complementary.

Decorations for Your Wedding

There are several decorations that you can choose for your wedding. You can choose to get flowers, wedding balloons, decorative lights to complement your main lighting, banners, centerpiece and more. Pick which designs you would like to include and make sure they fit in with your theme as these can make the wedding more interesting and fun. Backdrops like flower walls can help you provide a fun and attractive space where guests can take photos during the event.

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Let The Cake Impress

The cake is considered a decoration, place it at the right spot as if it were a monument. Make sure it fits in with the theme you cave and choose its colors so it matches your chosen color template. A wedding cake is one of the most important things in a wedding so you want it to be as beautiful as it can be.

Choosing The Right Lighting

Your main lighting will set the mood, choose colors that can bring out a nice mood and combine them. Colors go well when combined with complementary colors or brighter colors to add a different vibe. For a classy lighting design, you could go for slightly dim lights that could range from bright yellow to an amber color or go a little modern with light blue and with a white spread out light. You can choose a lot of color combinations and can even consult with someone who can give you a good combination if you need to. Looking at the colors alone can give you an idea so try to mix and match while you’re at it as you might discover a combination you like.

Customize as Much as You Want

Remember it’s your wedding and whatever them you and your partner want is important. Any themes you want to stick to or any kind of creativity is your choice. Sure you can get designs from samples and looking online but if you want to add some personal touches you should do so. It is your moment and that’s what matters.

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There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to making your wedding an ideal and perfect wedding. It takes only a few steps and some creativity and you can make the most memorable wedding anyone has been to.

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