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How to style your hair using flat iron

How to style your hair using flat iron

There are always different ways to do various tasks and the best one is by which you get the desired results. Same is the case with the usage of flat iron as well which is used for the straightening of hairs. People with curly hairs normally wants to have permanent straight hair but it is not possible, on the other hand, it is a possibility that they can straight up their hairs for a longer time by using a perfect way to do the process. Many girls love their curly hairs but there come some of the events in their life when they love to have straighter ones rather than the curly ones.

The best results can be concluded if you are using a right tool for the hair straightening. But what if you are using the right tool for straightening of your hairs but you are not doing it in the right way. So, on this post, we are providing you the best chance to know the best ways to style your hairs using a flat iron.

1. Flipped out Ends

If you are desiring for professional results, then do it calmly and with a lot of patience. The natural hair straightener works in a way that you don’t need to put so much effort to straight or style your hairs. A nice way to style your hairs is by blowing dry your hairs with a medium sized brush and then apply low heat iron on them. To add the slight bend at the ends for a sleeker look, use GHD 2 Styler, which will surely amaze you by its results.

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2. Figure out that which size of straightener is best for your hairs

Most of the time hair straightening tips are so much useful because many people don’t know the correct way to perform the operation. There are many cases where people uses the straight hair treatment for better hairs but it is not for a longer time. To get useful results figure out the base of the problem. Check out the various size of hair straighteners that which size of straightener is best for your hairs. There is a general rule that if your hairs are shorter then use a thinner flat iron. And the people who have longer or thicker hair can use wide flat iron for professional results.

3. You should know which straightener is best for you

It is the basic and main point to be included in the tips for straightening hair because one should know that which type of hair straightener is best for their hairs. The one which will not damage their hairs and skin at all. Whether to use a ceramic, titanium or a tourmaline one. These three categories of hair straightener brushes are useful for different types of hairs which you can use to have long lasting results.

4. Adjust the temperature

The straightening of curly hair is quite a difficult task to perform but when it is done with care, the results are remarkable. If you are not getting the desired results, then check it by adjusting the temperature of flat iron. We know that most of the irons don’t allow the adjustment of temperature but you can use Cloud 9 straightener which has such remarkable feature of temperature controlling.

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5. Crimping

Crimping is also a very nice way to get better results of styling hair. You can do it by twisting your wrist back and forth and slide your iron downwards to the bottom of your hair.

6. Beachy Waves

It is difficult to find the best flat iron for natural hair as there are so many variants available in the market but you can have the best for you per your hairs which you like the most and can use it to get proficient results. You can create beachy waves by curling your hairs using a hair straightener brush as it gives edgier curls which look so cool.

7. Use a heat protectant spray

It is a nice remedy to use a heat protectant spray on your hairs so that if your hairs are weak, then it may don’t get burn or get damaged by the iron.

using flat iron

8. Use a straightener to curl your hairs

It looks pretty odd but it gives so much amazing and scintillating effects. AA+Reviews is one of the famous websites which reviews several beauty products.We recommend our viewers to look for the articles of the products they are interested in buying and then go for buying the products.

9. Clean the plates of your iron

Looking for tips for straight hair or want to get your hairs styled, then you must take care of your brush as well. Clean the plates of your hairs to get efficient results.

10. use ear covers to avoid skin burning

When you’ll not be afraid of getting, your skin burned by the iron then you will style your hairs in a comfortable way. So buy a pair of ear covers.

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