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GetBlock APIs Toolkit Now Includes Solana (SOL) Shared Nodes

GetBlock has integrated Solana’s nodes as the latest blockchain to do so. Knowing the fact that the founder is Anatoly Yakovenko decries the status; Solana certainly earns the moniker “Ethereum killer.” Clients of GetBlock can now use the most overhyped smart contract platform of 2021 to deploy their decentralized applications.

GetBlock clients can connect to Solana (SOL) nodes in the following way

Let’s play around with the getBlockHeight request to see what’s going on behind the scenes of the Solana module. Its purpose is to reveal the number of the most recent blocks added to a given blockchain.

The experts use the JSON RPC technique to examine this argument in the request. The number of recently mined blocks is the outcome. That is the node height (or block height).

GetBlock now supports the Solana nodes API

GetBlock, a leading blockchain API endpoints supplier, is pleased to announce that the Solana (SOL) network is now available to customers.

They’re offering a cost-effective and ultra-fast connection to Solana’s shared and dedicated nodes starting in mid-February.

The Solana nodes run on hardware scattered across Europe, Asia, and the United States (64 GB DDR4, 16-thread CPU, NVMe SSD). Customers of GetBlock can now communicate with Solana using the JSON-RPC technique.

At 1 GBit/Sec speed, Solana’s nodes have a 99.99 per cent availability (7-day average). GetBlock uses the most advanced version of Solana’s software, v1.8.13. Solana’s archival nodes are available upon request.

Who is already a fan of Solana?

Solana is currently used by 45 decentralized protocols. The three most popular categories for Solana developers are NFT marketplaces, on-chain games and DeFi.

Solana is the sixth-largest blockchain by total value locked (TVL) across all of its decentralized apps, according to the DefiLlama tracker. Solana’s TVL is worth 7.8 billion dollars.

By Raydium TVL, DeFi is the most popular Solana-based protocol, with a net volume of $750 million. By user count, Magic Eden is the most popular dApp on Solana, with 25,000 Web3 fans visiting it every day.

What makes Solana unique?

The activation of the Solana node is critical for GetBlock: they can now use the power of blockchain to accelerate the clients’ dApps with 70,000 TPS.

The Tour de SOL (TdS) incentive test net for Solana (SOL) began in February 2020, and the first beta mainnet transactions occurred one month later. Apart from the SOL ICO, Solana has had a string of successful fundraisings, as they’ve highlighted in GetBlock.

Solana (SOL) employs Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus, unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other first-generation blockchains. PoH is one of the most elegant ‘blockchain scalability trilemma’ solutions, as it assures decentralized, safe and rapid interaction amongst all network participants.

It raised $314 million from a group of VC titans, including Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, in June 2021.

SOL, Solana’s native cryptocurrency, has risen 173 times in just 11 months in 2021, to a current ATH of nearly $260.

Solana users on GetBlock are eligible for one of the most incredible offers: when you order Solana’s shared node, you’ll get 40,000 free requests regardless of your previous activity on GetBlock. So check now on the website given below

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