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Top 4 Best CMS Platform for Building E Commerce Site

It is well known that electronic commerce by E commerce marketing agency currently has a brutal force in our environment and thanks to this countries, customers and brands are approaching. Maybe at the moment you are considering being part of this trend that is here to stay, but you find many options in the market that allow you to start your business or virtual store, each with its respective advantages.

Marketplaces or online sales and auction sites

It may be the easiest way to start selling products on the web, since this way you have the support of names like Amazon, eBay or Mercado Libre. This does not mean that its users have a gold mine secured on these sites, only that they already have a space where they only have to create an account, add their products and that’s it. Users will find in them a backup of a known platform with constant dissemination. In addition, all products are combined in demographic or popularity categories, making it even easier for customers to distinguish merchants from the millions of existing accounts.

If you want to create an account it is very easy, but pay attention to that account instead of online store and brand, something that we will see later. You just have to register, select a striking username and add your products with some images, a striking description for the space provided and ready.

Sites that offer web hosting or hosting

You may have knowledge about creating web pages, so you should only hire a web hosting or hosting server that allows you to start building your site from scratch, in a more technical way. There are the best options in the market that provide an opportunity to create product pages called ePages. This is responsible for hosting an online store under the white label.

While this option has positive and negative points to consider, they are not very varied among them. Each provider offers for a monetary amount per month, a space within its server so you can do with it what you want. You can choose your name and customize your URL. It is a good place to start using the technical and computer skills. It will allow you not only an online store, but a complete site where you can publish articles, offer online solutions, and so on.

Open source platforms

Open or open source platforms are those that can be downloaded from the Internet, and in this case we can use online to work on them. They are created to meet basic needs that most businesses in e-commerce have, which makes them adjustable to the needs of your store.

The good thing about these platforms is that they are free, since it is only necessary to download the required file, install it and start creating your store. If you do not have knowledge of creation and development in terms of design, it may result a bit complicated. In the long run you will need a specialist in various technical and design issues to launch your online store.

SaaS or Cloud Solutions platforms

These platforms are considered of a pre-configured nature, since it is not necessary for you to have advanced technical knowledge to develop your online store. They are adaptable and allow you to configure your store with the help of experts that will allow you to have a store with the image you have always wanted.

Having this type of platforms as a backup, you will have a team at your disposal for any questions or technical information, support and customer service. These platforms are designed for those people who are in the initial moment of creating a store.

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