Home Business How HubSpot and Shopify Integration Can Benefit Your Online Store?

How HubSpot and Shopify Integration Can Benefit Your Online Store?

How HubSpot and Shopify Integration Can Benefit Your Online Store

The need for Shopify and HubSpot integration did arise due to the excessively slow and complex CRM platform of Shopify. This slow and complicated process of CRM was really affecting the overall performance of the system. 

Thus, to get rid of this problem, Shopify decided to switch to a new and better solution which is shopping cart integration with HubSpot. 

If you also want to improve the performance of your online store then choose better online shopping cart integration such as HubSpot shopping cart. 

HubSpot shopping cart

In this post, we are discussing in detail about online shopping cart integration with HubSpot.

How to set up HubSpot shopping cart integration?

Adding Hubspot shopping cart integration to your website is not at all difficult even if you are not a professional engineer. All you need to do is to create an e-commerce platform in a subdomain. This is the best fully equipped solution of a shopping cart for the online stores that sell numerous items. 

The best thing is that most of the e-commerce platforms are just like HubSpot CMS. You can easily implement the measurement tools and marketing principles of Hubspot in your website’s functionality without any difficulty. 

After this integration, the appearance of your online store will change to a greater extent and will look quite complex. You will have to answer many different types of questions for the completion of this integration process. Most of the questions will be related to customer service, customer satisfaction, returns, and finance. 

What are the benefits of HubSpot shopping cart integration?

  • You can categorize your all online customers on the basis of different parameters like revenue, purchases, order value, and more. In this way, you can target different types of buyers according to their product choices and budget. 
  • It will also help you to quickly get the data about the average ticket, purchase frequency, and so on. Thus, you can easily analyze the customer value and can put more attention to the most valuable shoppers or buyers. 
  • You can also easily launch limitless personalized emails and welcome emails. In fact, you can also run email campaigns to target a different set of potential customers or market. 
  • Another best feature of this HubSpot integration is the automated tracking of the abandoned carts. This will help to increase the revenue of your online business while saving both time and energy. This is because you can easily send personalized emails to the customers about their abandoned carts by reminding them of their purchase intentions. 

Other main features of HubSpot and Shopify Integration are:

  •   Unique customer ID and date accounts.
  •   List of all products in store. 
  •   The total number of purchases in the store. 
  •   SKU of the products. 
  •   List of the suppliers. 
  •   List of all the products purchases. 
  •   A block that contains information about the most expensive items purchased by each and every customer of your online store. 
  •   The shipping date of the last order of every customer. 
  •   Recent orders of the customers. 
  •   Abandoned cart indicator which is marked “yes” by the customers during shopping. 
  •   Abandoned cart link that allows the potential customer to retrieve the products by visiting the cart. 
  •   Price and time of the abandoned cart. 
  •   Last time when the customer checked the shopping cart. 

On the Ending Note

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Hope you find all this information about HubSpot shopping cart integration useful. HubSpot shopping cart is very useful and totally clear. Shopping cart integration with HubSpot is the best form of online shopping cart integration that everyone must try. It will surely help to enhance the performance and revenue of your online store.

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