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For many years people have been using the sketch to narrate stories. Even now, lecturers utilize a marker and a whiteboard to explicate difficult ideas to scholars. When an animated video is created from sketches, the message becomes clearer & more appealing. This is how whiteboard animation works.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation video is a dynamic film that is made directly in front of the spectators. It is one of performer video types.

The receiver of a whiteboard animation film sees following pictures appearing & engages in a story told by a storyteller. The story can be about new corporation products, methods of completion of its policy or more mundane things, such as manuals.

Thanks to a suitable construction of the script, the narrator’s acting and, clearly, drawings, the film draw awareness and remains in the viewer’s remembrance for a lengthy time. That is why videos such as whiteboard animation (also described “video scribe”) are extensively used in marketing and in-house communications.

Whiteboard Animation Efficiently Maintains the Viewer’s Awareness

These days, several stimuli compete to draw the clients’ attention. But, the human attentional resources are restricted to 7 +/- 2 of information units processed at once for the majority of personnel.  In practice, it means that the more incentive arrives at us, the more of them we process shallowly with no understanding them, or we do not process them at all.

In the case of whiteboards, plain pictures come out one by one, with no saddle the recipient’s attentional resources. The script’s content is chosen in such a way that the storyline goes easily. The whole is read by a narrator whose voice supports the procedure of maintaining the viewer’s awareness. Thanks to that, whiteboard movies let smooth attainment of new familiarity on a product, service or project.

According to several people, another benefit of whiteboard animation formation over popular “talking heads” videos is the fact that they are less troublesome to our brains. A considerable part of the brain is responsible for facial recognition & analysis of facial expressions. The determination of whether our interlocutor is responsive and which emotions is he/she experiencing is carried out on an ongoing basis throughout our daily contacts with other people.

Though, in the case of films with moving heads, this outcome in the fact that we focus on the speaker, not on what he/she is saying. On the whiteboard films, this issue is non-existent as we see only pictures that balance the spoken message.

Whiteboard Animation Improves Memorization

In what means do whiteboard films influence fact memorization abilities?

One of the well-known psychologists in the globe – Prof. Richard Wiseman – carried out a study in which he presents two types of films to 1,000 public.  In one of them, he offered information as a “talking head.” In the second one, he utilized only a voice-over whiteboard animation.

The research showed that the majority of member preferred to watch the animated film & were more willing to share it with their friends. What was particularly interesting was the fact that people watching the whiteboard animation video remembered 15% additional information than those who watched a “normal” one?

Where Do That Variation in the Results Come From?

According to Prof. Wiseman, the secret is the capability to draw and retain the viewer’s notice. It is commonly recognized that after a boring lecture, scholars come back home remembering nothing. For them to keep in mind the class’s content, they have to pay attention to the subject first. Interesting and obvious visualizations can assist in getting that.

That is because they provide the viewers the “Aha!” moment, gratitude to which they feel that a difficult subject has just become comprehensible. This feeling is extremely pleasant. We sometimes feel it at work, when an extended presentation is summed up with a precise drawing, scheme or a symbol.

If you want to make your own whiteboard animation then you can easily hire a Whiteboard animation company or freelance artists.There are plenty of individual artist and companies offering Whiteboard animation services.

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