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Why is your team more important than your business strategy?

There are countless fables from entrepreneurs, business tycoons, and other successful people that emphasise the need of building a good team. A well-built, trust-worthy, and competent team soars business. Many successful start-ups credit their victory to their team, rather than their product, strategy or anything else.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

If anything, this quote from Helen Keller puts the importance of a team into perspective—as a team we can do much more than we are individually capable of. As an individual we can only contribute in a limited capacity, but as a team, our individual capacities will multiply with team support and overall productivity will be multi-fold. A good team will make work a breeze, sail through hard times smoothly.

What makes a good team?

Think it from this perspective – you have a goal to achieve, but you are stuck on resolving team issues or dealing with an individual team member’s unprofessional attitude, resolving personal conflicts with another team member. Where will this take you?

“A good team is a great place to be, supportive, successful. A bad team is horrible, a sort of human prison”.

As a business strategist, you should think this way – if your team member isn’t performing optimally, instead killing away time with unproductive hours, will this take you to your goal?  Rather it will delay the time to reach your goal.

This could happen over and over again. After all, you can’t mend the attitude of a worker. On the other side, your business strategy can be altered. In fact, business strategy is often required to be agile to incorporate short term goals. Point is—you can alter and tweak strategy for gain, teams aren’t often agile and create a mess. Unless there are good teams, which can adapt to situations, dealing with incorrigible workers will continue to be a challenge.

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With agile teams, business strategy can accommodate changes. However, teams can’t be changed easily. Building and maintaining a team is a long shot, the longer the team stays the same, the better. Bad team members will drain your energy by involving in time-consuming obligations.

At this point, it is also important to consider that worker behavior shouldn’t be compromised at all. What’s the point – if your work culture is getting toxic, but your worker is performing well. Performance is a matter of training and practice. Anyone with a fair amount of training can deliver desired results. However, behavior can’t be. While hiring the rule should be – behavior trumps talent. Veterans in strategy leadership understand this well and focus on building a good team.

Overall, you should avoid hiring —

  1. Who aren’t trainable or gel well with other people.
  2. Who are reluctant to work as per the agreed brief.

Rather hire people,

  1. Who are personable and committed to their work.
  2. Who supports and respects other team members
  3. Who actively listens and responds to the task responsibly
  4. Who recognize when they are wrong and take that as a positive feedback

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