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The most delicious foods you should not miss in Mekong Delta

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Besides appealing tourist destinations and diverse culture, Mekong Delta is also famous for its stunning cuisine. These dishes characterise the unique features of the region that are hard to find in anywhere else. In this post, we’re going to suggest you the must-try dishes there. Let’s see.

Fish Noodle Soup – Bun Ca

This noodle soup is a mixture of thin noodles, green herbs, fish caught from the Mekong river and soup cooked using fish bones. This is a very common dish in the area and people often have it for breakfast.

Snakehead Fish Thick-noodle Soup – Banh canh ca loc

Different from the thin noodle soup above, this kind of soup includes a fatty version of noodles made from rice flour or tapioca flour. The soup is thick and cooked with snakehead fish meat. You can easily find this in the area and it is the favourite meal of the locals.

Sa Dec or My Tho Noodle Soup – Hu tieu Sa Dec/ My Tho

Hu tieu is a type of noodle that is very familiar to foodies. However, there are different ways to make it and those different methods reflect the different areas of the country.

Hu tieu My Tho bowl is like a painting full of attractive colours with red shrimp, green celery, chrysanthemum, and red peppers. A very important spice creating the unique aroma of the dish is the minced garlic.

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Although full of familiar ingredients such as shrimp, meat, and liver, hu tieu Sa Dec has its own distinction which helps it to stand out from hu tieu My Tho and hu tieu Nam Vang. If hu tieu Nam Vang noodles are white, small and soft, the noodles of hu tieu Sa Dec are big, slightly crunchy and chewy with a milky color.

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Vietnamese Pancake – Banh xeo

For those who don’t know, the Western region is the hometown of banh xeo, the famous Vietnamese pancake. Everyone loves it.

Salted Fish Hot Pot – Lau mam

The hotpot is made from salted fish (mud carp fish and snakeskin gourami fish) cooked with coconut water or bone broth. Then shrimp, meatballs, blood cake, squid, and special greens (bitter veggies, bean sprout, eggplant, lemongrass, etc…) are added.

Mud Roasted Chicken in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta has a pretty unique culinary culture as shown above. Delicious Foods like this are hard to find in other regions of Vietnam. Another example is mud roasted chicken. This dish came about from pure ingenuity. What would you do if you have a chicken to eat, but absolutely no instrument to prepare it? No pot? No gas? Well, mud roasted chicken is the solution.

The chicken is covered in mud from the rice fields. The mud should be perfectly moist – not too dry but not too wet. You need just enough slather the whole chicken. It will ultimately look like a dinosaur egg. Place this dinosaur egg under many thick layers of straw or hay, and then light it on fire.

Let the chicken roast for about an hour. After this is done, the chicken is to be removed and the mud peeled off. The chicken will look absolutely Delicious Foods taste even better. Soft, and juicy – not dry at all. Locals love to eat this with spicy chili salt mix with a few drops of lemon. Don’t miss this!

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Snakehead Fish Rice Porridge (congee) – Chao ca loc

This is a simple dish with just two main ingredients: snakehead fish and rice porridge. It is simple but Delicious Foods and most people agree with me.

Durian Cake – Banh pia

The best tourist for durian is found in the Mekong Delta and therefore, so is the best durian cake. It doesn’t come as a surprise that most people hate the smell of durian. Fun fact – durian is banned in subways in Thailand. To ease yourself into enjoying the taste of this fruit, start with durian ice cream. If you are okay with this, the next step is to try durian cake.

Coconut Worm – Duong dua

These beetle larvae pierce holes in coconut trees and lay eggs inside. The Mekong Delta, of course, will be an ideal place to find them due to the massive amount of coconut trees grown in the region.

Eating the grilled larvae is the most recommendable way to enjoy this dish. If you want something challenging, try to eat it while it’s still alive! This is not the most common way, but it is the best way. I haven’t done it but my friend, Sonny Side, ingested one in his food review show.

We hope that with our suggestions, your Mekong Delta tours will be unforgettable. Visit our website to get further information about this region. Share this article with others if you find it helpful. Thank you!

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