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6 Food Trends that Are Shaping 2019

For the longest time, health has been in the back of everyone’s minds, and the priority was on enjoying life and focusing on superficial things. However, that is changing thanks to, in part, the growing efforts of governments to raise awareness about the consequences of our lifestyles on our health. A big part of that is food, and you can see the shift everyone is making to try and eat more healthy foods. But with so many new trends, it can be hard to keep up with what’s real and what’s a fad, so here is a list of some of the healthiest food trends, explained.

Eco-friendly production and packaging

Healthy food goes beyond the food itself. It is the whole process of how the food is created and how it reaches your door. Many manufacturers have turned to use alternative packaging solutions for their products, such as biodegradable packaging, or even packing produce in banana leaves. We, as consumers, have the very wrong opinion that if something is not wrapped in plastic and hermetically sealed, that it’s not sanitary, but this is completely untrue, and it’s causing millions of tons of plastic to accumulate. If you want to skip on the waste, try shopping at bulk, no-packaging stores, or simply at the bulk sections in your grocery store.

Food from the ocean

We all have somewhere in the back of our mind the information that fish is healthier than meat. This, of course, isn’t always true, but we should definitely be substituting a lot of our meat for fish. Not only is the meat and dairy industry one of the leading producers of CO2, but it’s also not that good for us, especially if we’re eating mostly red and cured meats. But fish isn’t the only thing that lives in the sea – many people are substituting their usual favorite snacks for algae and other marine plants.

Mushroom powders

One of the stranger trends of the health world recently has been mushroom powders, and it’s perfectly fine if you have a lot of questions about this. For starters, not all mushrooms are powdered into these superfoods – Reishi and Chaga are the most popular, and they are consumed in ways you wouldn’t normally associate with a mushroom. You can stir these powders into tea or coffee, similar to matcha, or you can use them in raw protein bars and energy balls. They improve overall wellness and boost your mood.

Fats, fats, fats

The big F-word that the health-conscious have always been scared of – fats. It makes sense – fat makes you fat – but actually the research that added sugars, not fats, are what is making you fat, has been buried by the sugar industry for years. So, our fear of fats is quite unjustified, and with diets like keto rising in popularity, people are figuring out the benefits of fats. Of course, not all fats are good, and you want to get yours from natural, unsaturated sources, like avocado, nuts and seeds, ghee and similar “good fats”.

More fruit, less processed

Eating a bowl of Fruit Loops in no way counts as a serving of fruit. But something like a bag of freeze-dried apples might. We all know that fruits are awesome nature’s delicacies, but since they are far less convenient than a candy bar – we all know what we reach for. But food manufacturers have heard our cries and you can now find not only fresh fruit that has been cut, peeled and put in portioned cups for you to enjoy but also healthy snack alternatives like freeze-dried fruit and no-sugar fruit roll-ups. Find something that only had fruit in the list of ingredients and you’ll be golden.

Dairy supplements

Avoiding dairy isn’t just for vegans – it’s for everyone. If you think about it, humans are the only animals that continue drinking milk once they grow up; what’s more, we drink the milk of other animals. But a latte is a latte and it’s totally understandable. That you don’t want to let it go but with so many dairy alternatives out there today. There’s really no need to consume so much dairy, which can increase your cholesterol level.

 So take your health into your own hands and start making smarter choices today.

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