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How a Customized Mobile App can Benefit a Travel Agency

People usually look for relaxation during vacations; that’s why travel agencies exist. Tourists want someone to make sure they have a place to stay and won’t miss the connecting flight due to time zone change. If you are already doing that for people, here is how you can do it even better.

Traveling with Technology

Travelers use mobile apps to look for transport tickets and book accommodation, to learn about places of interest and find authentic restaurants, and millions of other things. In the 21-st century, travel agencies also started helping their customers with these things via apps. Let’s focus on how it can benefit you.


Get Data

Knowledge is power. Learn about your clients to fulfill their desires. Through the registration process, you normally get the user’s e-mail address, phone number, birth date. That’s a whole lot of information. You can send exclusive offers to a customer before their birthday. Search and traveling history allows you to keep track of people’s preferences and recommend the most suitable destinations and trip types to them.

Go Mobile

A lot of tourists get hectic before their flights and at the railway station mess. They might try giving a hotel booking confirmation to the flight attendant instead of a passport or have internet troubles while attempting to download the tickets. Release them from the internet-and-paper addiction: collect everything they need in the app (probably apart from passport).

Make the tickets and hotel booking documents available offline. Even if one loses a smartphone, they can still download the app to another device and ensure that at least they will get home safely. Mobility provides a customer with a sense of security; thus, they trust you more.

Speed up

Acquiring an app will allow you to provide customers with almost immediate updates on their travel details and vice versa. Such a semi-automation can reduce the amount of time spent on communication compared to using phone calls or messages.

Sometimes, even a couple of hours can save the whole trip, so speed is a crucial factor in communication between tourists and travel agencies. To start optimizing your connections with clients, you can use a ready-made template or choose a customized travel app development.

Find Trust

Customer loyalty is crucial in all kinds of businesses. It gives you long-term support and a certain amount of tolerance towards your mistakes or failures. People trust technology, and the company should trust it as well. Create a reliable digital tool for travelers to arrange their trips, and you’ll find your loyal customers.

Enhance User Experience

People tend to choose products that are not only useful but convenient. An app will allow you to construct the shortest and most pleasant customer journey on their way to… real journies. Moreover, you are going to get feedback on the app features, so don’t lose the chance to learn how you can become better and start communicating with your clients.

Improve Customer Support

Oh yeah, communicating with clients. There are dozens of stories about a family getting to a remote island just to find out that their 4-stars hotel is a bungalow, and then they cannot call the travel agency. Then, they can’t reach their agency because there’s no phone. You can prevent even minor issues by managing support within an app. It can work as a messenger with no need to wait on the calls or use e-mail.

Extend your services

An app is a perfect tool to introduce new services or products. For example, a tourist is using the app to find a flight, and you offer them to choose accommodation, check the currency exchange rates, and the weather according to their destination. Multiple services collected in one place are a good chance for you to raise your profit and extend the target audience. A multipurpose app can also attract potential partners.


Introducing a mobile app opens a wide range of opportunities for a travel agency. Using it, you can both improve and extend your services. The mobility is a way to make traveling more comfortable for your customers. Information you will be getting through the app can boost your sales with more accurate targeting. An app will speed up the updates exchange between you and users.

Digital transformation will make your clients loyal due to their trust. Focusing on UX, you can provide users with an enhanced way to organize their trips. Adding different features to your app, you can simplify the process of communication with your clients, as well as extending your propositions.

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