10 Top Tourist Must Visit Attractions in 2021

Our lives today can get stressful. That is why it is recommended that you take regular breaks and travel when possible. Then choosing the right destination for traveling is a challenge all on its own. It is not like choosing your internet plan. For that, any tourist can search for the internet in your area. No, it is much more complicated than that. You have to factor in costs, relaxation value, and so much more.

You really need to think about your destination, unless you just want to relax on a beach or a resort. If you are the kind of person who likes to explore, then you need to do some research. You can go anywhere. With the right planning, even a vacation at a billionaire hotspot, like Monaco, is manageable.

While destinations like Monaco have their own charm, experiences like visiting the Louvre are unmatchable. The aim of this blog is to make it easier to choose the right destination for your vacation. Of course, it is always advisable to do your own research. Only you can decide which place suits you best.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions You Must See in Your Lifetime

Unfortunately, most of us get so caught up in our lives that we decide to spend our vacations staying back. We use the time to catch up with friends and family, or finally go over our to-do lists. Our vacation ends with us using our internet plans to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows. Though a stay-cation has its benefits, it can’t compare to the experience of visiting new destinations. Experiencing new cultures helps you grow and be more charismatic.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these destinations, but every person has different interests. These are some of the coveted tourist attractions in the world:

Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is a very sparsely populated high mountain area in the north of Pakistan. Its natural environment is usually described with superlatives, the longest glaciers, and famous peaks. It considers the most fascinating and impressive region of Pakistan. Gilgit Baltistan is a largely mountainous desert.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Surely, you would have seen pictures and videos of the pyramids. You might have even seen documentaries on The Great Pyramid of Giza. But it can’t compare to the magnificence of experiencing them in person. Egypt might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you’re planning a vacation. But the country has been one of the top tourist destinations for decades, if not longer. It has a rich history and offers many attractions other than the pyramids, as the River Nile.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Spain is one of the most beautiful constructions in progress. Construction of the cathedral started in the 1870s and should finish in 2026. That means, once built, it would have taken it more than 150 years to complete. The visionary of this masterpiece was architect Antoni Gaudi who spent the last 43 years of his life overseeing the project. The dripping stone towers, undulating lines, and abstract stained glass make this a remarkable sight. If you go there, your tour will likely include a visit to the crypt of Antoni Gaudi. He remains a part of this gift to the world, even after his death.


If you are looking for a picturesque destination to relax, there is hardly anything better than Ubud. The Indonesian island of Bali has welcomed tourists for more than a century. It’s the perfect mix of tranquility alongside the new-age beachfront party scene. It is the epicenter of yoga and Pan Asian Cuisine. Pictures you upload of the rice fields will be the envy of your Instagram followers.

xThe Grand Palace

At one point or another, every one of us has wondered what it would have been like if we were royalty. Of course, not everyone gets a fairytale happily, ever after story and some might not want the pressures. However, that said, there is nothing stopping us from seeing how true royalty lived. The Grand Palace in Bangkok was home to Kings Rama I through Rama V. It is also home to the Emerald Buddha.

The Colosseum

The Roman Empire, if nothing else, created undeniable masterpieces of art and architecture. The remains of the Colosseum is one such marvel. It was commissioned in 72 A.D. by Emperor Vespasian as an amphitheater. His son, Titus, oversaw the completion of the grand marvel, after the death of his father. The first games were held in 81 A.D. with an estimated 70,000 spectators. It is one of the New7Wondeers of the World. in 2018 it was ranked as the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

The Library of Celsus

Turkey is home to some of the most captivating tourist attractions. If you plan to go there, your trip would not be complete without a cruise to the ancient port of Ephesus. Once there, you must visit the Library of Celsus, which was commissioned in 110 A.D. The library commemorates Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, a Roman governor. The double story library has a central reading room but it underwent reconstruction in the 70s. But the stunning restorations make it a popular excursion.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is unlikely that you have not heard of The Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Italy. It is a marble marvel. The 197-foot tower was constructed between the 12th and the 14 centuries. The engineering feat is 8 stories high and has 207 support columns. It took 3 years to stabilize the tower and it was reopened in 2001.

The Great Wall of China

We have all heard of the Great Wall of China and no, it’s not true that you can see it from space. The only way you can is by going to China. Construction of the 5,500-mile long wall began in 221 B.C. Emperor Qin Shi Huang commissioned the Great Wall to protect the empire from the Huns to the north.

The Borobudur Temple

If you are looking to raise your spirits and enlighten your soul, you need to head to Indonesia. The Borobudur Temple in Java is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It was constructed in the 8th and 9th centuries on a central hilltop. It has 5 terraces and 3 circular platforms. It is believed that circling each terrace clockwise will set you on the path of enlightenment.

The Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you are fascinated with Asian culture, as many of us, head to South Korea. Once there you can visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. It originally inaugurated in 1395 and underwent a rebuild after the Japanese invasion in the 16th century. The Gwanghwamun Gate hosts the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony that you can’t afford to miss.


Planning a vacation is not easy, but if you can, you should try to see as much of the world as possible. Traveling can change your perspective, make more interesting, and charismatic. Give your Spectrum bundle deals a rest for a few days every year and travel more. You can visit many affordable destinations. Explore the world and experience all that you can.

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