Can’t miss these Oregon attractions!

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear Oregon is hipsters. For others, it’s ghost towns. For the foodies, it’s Tillamook and a lot of other eco-friendly and artisanal brands. Oregon attractions are varied and exciting. Oregon has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers, which is why it’s a great place to visit whether you’re RV-ing, touring alone, or traveling with small kids in tow. Oregon’s rich history (it was once a known port town, home to a lot of nightclubs!) and it’s current affinity for “keeping things weird” definitely keeps tourists on their toes!

Without further ado, here are the can’t-miss places to visit in Oregon:

  1. The vineyards
    Although Oregon is known for its homebrewers, cheese-makers, and kombucha enthusiasts, a lot of people tend to forget that Oregon is a prime Pinot Noir location. Although not as popular as California’s vineyards, the wineries in Oregon are great places to spend an afternoon or two.
  2. Portland Saturday Market
    What better way to chat with the locals than going to the Saturday market? Teeming with handmade goods, artisanal, homemade food and drink, and lots of good vibes, you’ll definitely come out of this market with a handicraft or two to take home as a souvenir. Don’t forget to bring cash!
  3. Lone Ranch Beach
    Lone Ranch Beach is one of the more family-friendly beaches that locals and tourists love. You can look for tidepools, enjoy a walk, or just lie down and read a book. The fine sand and long stretches of it  are perfect for a relaxing day or weekend. If you’re traveling with someone who requires a wheelchair, the path towards the beach is paved and wheelchair accessible.

But if you’re into hidden gems, check these places out (a lot of which, locals don’t even know about!):

  1. The Witch’s Castle, this is a stone structure built in the 1930s and can currently be found in ruins at the woods of Macleay Park. To get there, you have to walk half a mile from the Upper Macleay Parking lot near the Portland Audubon Society, or you can go on a three-quarter mile hike from the Lower Macleay Parking lot at NW 30th and Upshur. If you ever had a goth phase and into folklore and all things creepy, this is a good place to hunt some witches. Or for witches to haunt you.
  2. We all know that Portland is home to a lot of weird things but if you want to go to the epitome of weird, this one is arguably on first or second place. The FreakybuttruePeculiarium is trying its best to “Keep Portland Weird”. Established in the 60s by a local named Conrad Elwood, this place is home to all of his bizarre things and exhibits all things weird and nightmarish. Probably not a good place to hang out if you have small kids but fun if you’re traveling with friends. Make sure to bring your camera, because it’s definitely allowed!
  3. Oregon is an awesome state to go to if you love art and nature. What better way to combine both loves than going to The Zymoglyphic Museum, which is (and we quote from their website) “the world’s only institution devoted to the study and display of art, artifacts, and natural history of the Zymoglyphic region.” Here you’ll find artifacts of animal bones and various flora but then you’ll see weird combinations that will have you questioning which ones are real and which are just artistic interpretations.

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