Don’t Forget These 15 Places While You Are Planning A Trip To Mexico

When you are planning a big vacation to Mexico, you need to choose the best vacation spots. Plus, you can plan a road trip around Mexico, or you could travel down to the coast to different resorts. Use the tips below to ensure that you have found the best place to go when you visit Mexico for the first time or the hundredth time.

Playa Del Carmen

When you come to Playa Del Carmen, everything moves a bit slower than it does in other resort towns. You could stay at a place like Casa Nikki Playa Del Carmen, and you can relax every day of your vacation by visiting the beach, shopping in town, and enjoying the restaurants. This is a good place to have a relaxing family vacation.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist destination that will give you amazing beach views, and you can tour old ruins that were left behind by the Spanish Conquistadors. Plus, this is a fun resort town to visit if you like the nightlife, bars, and clubs.


Cozumel is another resort town that is popular with families. You can come to Cozumel at any time of the year to have fun, and you could start in an all-inclusive resort that gives you beach access plus a pool.


Cancun is one of the Spring Break destinations that you should visit if you love the nightlife, bars, and restaurants. You can party with a large group, and there are several beaches, resorts, and claves to choose from.


Acapulco is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico because it sits on the very tip of the Acapulco peninsula. You get unobstructed views of the water from here, and you can take a road trip up the coast of either the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico when you are coming into the city.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas sits on the other side of the country at the tip of Baja California. You can take a road trip to this resort town, and you will see many celebrities here because it is such a popular destination. Plus, you can take charter boats to the mainland if you want to visit other villages during your trip.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the best-preserved Mayan ruins left behind after the fall of their empire. You can take a tour of this location, and you can travel back to Cancun shortly after your visit.

Costa Esmerelda

The Emerald Coast is just north of Veracruz, and the beaches here have amazing vegetation that looks like a jungle from South America. You will feel like you have been transported to another world when you stay here for even a day.


Ensenada is just over the border from San Diego, and it sports the calmest beaches in all of Mexico. If you are looking for a day trip, this is the perfect place to go.


This is a good town to visit if you want to see old Colonial architecture. You will see buildings that were constructed hundreds of years ago, and it figures into any tour you take near Mexico City.


This area sits on the Pacific coast where several bays have been charged out by the waves over time. You can stay at one of many resorts, and you can fish in every bay, stay on the white sand beaches, or surf.

Isla Mujeres

This small island allows you to stay in a private resort or take a tour of the island with your guide. You will see amazing flowers, birds, trees, and species that are native to the area.


This is the “Yellow City” that has become popular with tourists for how good all their pictures come out. The architecture is perfect, and every building is painted the most charming shade of yellow.


Mazatlan sits very close to the old ruins that you can visit at any time. Plus, the town is filled with adult-style results that will cater to couples on romantic retreats. The town is situated on the Pacific coast so that you can enjoy endless views of the ocean.


Merida is the capital of the Yucatan state, and it is a pillar of architecture and class. This is a wonderful city to visit if you want to enjoy all the finest things that vacation to Mexico has to offer.

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