10 Weird but Amazing Destinations You Should Visit

A bush safari in Africa? Done Several times. Paris? I was there last year. Hiking Mount Everest? I went with my dad as a teenager. The eye-catching islands of Mauritius? I spent my previous vacation there!

You want to travel, but you have been to all the fantastic destinations you can think about!

You can’t think anymore. You decide to pick your phone, and enjoy the latest sports news, college football bets, or chat with friends on social media. To get more information about the the latest sports news, college football bets find link in the end of this article.

Even after refreshing your mind, you cannot think of a perfect destination that can take your meaning of fun to a whole new level.

Good news! It’s time to break out of your travel bubble and check out the strangest places on earth.

The earth is filled with bizarre destinations, which will take you by awe and surprise. Despite being made weird by nature, they feature unexplainable charm and sublime grace.

Before you create your travel bucket list, below are some of the strangest places you should visit at some point in your life.

Lake Natron

Is this a joke? Why should you even take a long flight to Tanzania just to see a lake?

Well, before you dismiss this as crazy and unreasonable, you need to know why this lake stands out from the rest…

10 Weird but Amazing Destinations You Should Visit In 2020

Lake Natron is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying pieces of nature in the world. First things first, this lake is red in color, thanks to its high alkaline levels. Perhaps the most startling thing is that animals that die here are converted into statues through calcification. Since there are large volumes of sodium bicarbonate in the water, these animals are turned into mummies.

Locals have named this water body the ‘Petrifying Lake.’ As horrifying as this destination might sound, it is home to Lesser Flamingos, which are naturally adapted to withstand such conditions.

In case you have inscribed this lake as one of your must-visit destinations, don’t even think of taking a deep here, unless you want to become a statue!

Spotted Lake Khiluk

In case you want to see something naturally unusual during your next vacation, you need to pack your bags and head to British Columbia, which is the home to Lake Khiluk.

This lake features 365 separate pools, which are arranged in an outlandish mosaic pattern. Each pool has an exclusive chemical concentration, and locals believe every pool cures a wide range of diseases.

When you visit this place, you will certainly enjoy the taste of nature, while at the same time interacting with humans who are eager to educate you about their history, culture, and traditional.

Cool but strange destination to visit, don’t you think?

Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei simply means ‘dead marsh.’ It is one of the strangest destinations located in Namibia. Here, you will find a sun-blackened dead forest sitting on a white clay pan, which is essentially a dried oasis.

Since there is no water in this place, the trees struggle to get some moisture by sticking their roots out on the sand. To create a contrasting backdrop are vast rust-orange sand dunes, which are said to be the highest in the world.

In case you are looking for a desert experience that you cannot find anywhere else on earth, then Dead Vlei should be one of the places you should visit at some point in your life.

Slope Point

Slope Point, located in New Zealand, is the southmost point of South Island. Due to the intense Antarctic gusts, the trees here are permanently windblown and twisted. Weird, huh?

Underwater Park

If you prefer your vacations to be surrounded by underwater beauties, then you need to visit the Underwater Park in Green Lake, Tragoess, Austria.

This is a genuine, natural underwater park that is completely submerged in water during spring. This is a renowned destination, which is considered as one of the best waters to dive into Europe, thanks to the presence of a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon.

Tunnel of Love

Are you looking for a place where you can take your love to the next level and give your significant other a honeymoon of a lifetime? Tunnel of Love, location in one section of Ukraine’s industrial park has got you covered.

The Tunnel of Love is a green leafy tunnel that looks like something drawn from a fairy tale. Whether you want to take a stroll with your partner as you discuss vital issues surrounding your lives, or you want him/her to experience something unusual during Valentine’s Day, the charm of this destination will take your breath away.

The Silfra Rift

This mysterious destination located in Iceland separates two continents and the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Covering an area of 600 by 200 meters, it is regarded as one of the strangest phenomena in the world.

Whenever you visit Iceland, abandon almost everything on your guidebook and prepare to be mesmerized by this natural marvel.

Jellyfish Lake

Palau boasts of over 70 marine lakes. Nonetheless, what makes the Jellyfish Lake stand out is the availability of millions of jellyfish.

In 2012, this lake was closed to the public because the number of jellyfish reduced drastically. Scientists argued that this could be the end of the lake, but amazingly, the jellyfish population rose once again. Today, this lake is once again opened to the public and has grown to become one of the most bizarre destinations in the world.

Blood Falls

When you visit Antarctica, you expect some endless whiteness of the snow. However, in the middle of the snow, you will be dumbfounded by the Blood Falls.

As the name suggests, the water in these falls is red in color. This color used to be a mystery for years until researchers from the University of Alaska found out that this color was as a result, oxidized iron in brine saltwater.

The confluence of Rhone and Arve Rivers

The place where Rhone and Arve Rivers Converge in Geneva, Switzerland, is, without a doubt, a weird, but spectacular spot worth your time and money.

What makes this destination unique is that there is a visible contrast between these two rivers. One is brown, and the other is yellow. Make sure you find out more information about these rivers before taking the next flight to Geneva!

Travel teaches us some lessons that we cannot learn anywhere else. It pushes us to be better, more empathetic towards others, and, most importantly, it changes the way we view things around us. If you want to experience some magic on your next vacation, consider visiting one of the destinations mentioned above, and you will truly have a memorable experience.

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