Why Travelling Alone As A Woman Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

When being a girl you decide to travel solo, people either will consider you to be crazy or you are going to face some tragedy soon. After travelling alone for years, I would like to confirm that the world is a hospitable place, offering you various advantages and disadvantages, that probably you never have imagined.

You feel homely among the locals, getting substitute mothers and also people trust you easily being a lone girl. But apart from these, at times you feel sad and lonely, missing your caring people when you are sick, spending more money on accommodation for safety. Far from these problems, you would face situations that I would like to share.

You get tagged with labels while travelling alone

While travelling solo, you will meet many like you. I have faced a mother substitute who would rather suggest to get married and travel along with your husband. In many countries, you are too young to travel alone while too old to get married. Many will show you pity to choose travelling rather than getting settled. But for me, it is possible to manage both.

But in a few countries where girls have defined work, men will think you to be a carefree girl and will make you easy. Apart from all these, there are people too who will consider you to be brave and lucky enough for such an opportunity. But to let all know, we all are same and these labels can be sometimes be heavy burdens.

You don’t dare to do a few things, even if you are willing to.

I have been travelling solo for years, and sometimes as a couple, with friends and with families. I love adventures, but only dare to perform when I am with others. Hiking is something which I love to do, but I don’t dare to do it alone. But I have seen other female travellers do so.

There is always a risk to travel alone at night which I don’t prefer personally. Many female travellers have shared their experiences of visiting unknown places and staying with local tribes, an unexpected and great experience to have, which one would never dare to perform while travelling alone.

Unwanted attention may lead to problems sometimes

If you are travelling alone to different countries, you become an outsider mainly due to your physical appearance. Mainly due to your skin tone, you are treated differently in different countries. While visiting African countries, you get more attention and even get many proposals for marriage. While if you travel to British countries, you will be feeling humiliated again for the same reason.

Travelling in the streets make me feel happy as I can connect to the local people. Sitting in the cafes and plazas becomes difficult without being interrupted. Not only in other countries, but you also will not feel safe even if you are in your own country due to the culture difference. Sometimes over attention just can be accepted when you want to relax in peace. You can apply for Travel Agent Jobs to know about this field.

Hygiene becomes a problem for women travelling alone

In Asia, the idea of squat toilets is terrifying to few. They don’t know how to stand and they are accustomed to using toilet papers. In China, rural area toils don’t have doors and you have to go open in front of other women, but they hardly care.

In African countries, you are provided with a small bucket of water or a shower with very low pressure, which is difficult in arid areas with full of dust. The most difficulty you face during that time of the month, when you feel sick and not able to enjoy yourself.

Your period cycle may even vary to weather change or even get missed. You will be in crave for a hot water bath, but all you are left with is a cold shower.

There is always a possibility of getting harassed

I trust the people of the various countries, but still, there be possibilities where you may fall into an unexpected situation. Sexual harassment and rape have been faced by many female solo travellers in various parts of the country. There may be times where you may be at wrong places at wrong times and should be mentally be prepared for so. In many countries, there is an unspoken culture of sex surfing, which you should be aware beforehand so as to avoid surprises. So if you are staying at any outsider’s house, or travelling in-cab, be sure of the safety before heading towards it.

Solo travelling teaches you a lot of things and you come to know about the outside world. Being a woman you need to take care of certain things and get proper ideas of the place before exploring.

Atif Mallo

Atif Mallo is a freelance blogger with huge interest in technology, science, life hacks and health. He loves coffee, cheesecake and chess. Drop a line in comments to leave feedback for him.

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