10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

The beautiful, puzzling and strange relief features are actually the dominated features of this Earth. However, as we know that Earth is already covering up with almost 71 % of water and as well as, water is one of the most essential elements for every human being living on the Earth.

Thus, most of us can’t imagine going for a vacation without visiting such places filled with water like beaches and water parks, right?

But do you know the 10 most dangerous waters in the world have already been discovered to give you a sign of not reaching the specific point at any cost?

Though, if you don’t know about this information, then you are in the right place. Here we are showing you the top 10 most dangerous waters in the world that can take up a human life so easily, check out such spots below:

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Waves actually make a turn to the Great Blue Hole into a tremendous vortex that further pulls in everything on the surface, while reductions also make it spout enormous columns of water.

Blue Hole

Furthermore, after all this gossiping factor about this place, there are so many people here who still want to visit the hole because Jacques Cousteau himself said that this place is one of the coolest and liveliest places for diving on Earth.

Lake Kivu

However, this place is all made with the freshwater lake, but the interesting fact is that the water of the lake actually got to contain a high gas concentration that would also be measured for around 55 billion cubics of methane near the bottom.

Lake Kivu

You will surely be getting surprised to know that this coolest lake bed lies rift valley which is gradually being pulled apart, and by doing this, it may cause some kind of volcanic activity in the area.

In other words, if the place hit with the slightest earthquake, then it can cause a huge explosion that can easily vanish the people around the place.

Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

This is actually made up of about 30-foot deep natural well along with crystal clear water, but don’t just mesmerize with the outer beauty where the water itself is one of the most dangerous diving places that have to be known in the world.

Jacob's Well

However, according to the reports, Jacob’s Well bottom there are several entrances available to a broad network regarding caves that several are unable to leave the place easily.

Drake Passage

Drake Passage

This place is situated within the shortest route crossing over from Antarctica towards any other landmass. Whereas, the place commonly known for its merging character because it is situated within a climatic transition zone that is also characterized by huge waves, icebergs, and as well as plagued by gale-force winds. So, that could be dangerous enough for the people to take a dive in or just checking the level.

Lake Michigan, USA

Lake Michigan is also one of the finest and dangerous spots at the same time. However, this place considered as notorious as the conditions like the Bermuda Triangle because over to the lake, there have been placed some most horrible air crashes in North America that occurred without any logical reasons.

Lake Michigan

Well, this lake considered to be as one of the dangerous water due to its quickly creating currents that actually took several dozens of lives every other year.

Rio Tinto, Portugal/Spain

Well, this place is actually called as Red River, why? Because of its reddish appearance. Whereas, the water of this river is very dense (just because of metal contain).

Rio Tinto

It is highly acidic and as well as, low oxygen contain that can easily be made a place of extremophile anaerobic bacteria which actually lives in the water.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is the kind of lake that has covered with absolute saltiest in taste and common alkaline lakes discovered on Earth, the lake actually covered with a salt crust, which also shows the color red, sometimes.

Lake Natron

However, the temperature of the water can easily reach for up to 120°F (50°C) in several places, and that’s why it would become difficult for a person to live a life there. Whereas, only three kinds of fish can be able to live here while adapting to the place’s extreme conditions.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

Yes, it is a boiling lake, a name that actually suits the condition of this place. However, the water inside this lake may heat up easily from the reaching points of between 180 to 197 °F (82–92 °C) along the sides, but it is still not able to measure the temperature at the part of the lake center where the water is actively boiling.

Boiling Lake

And, according to the sources, it is said that this boiling lake actually being located in the vicinity of the volcano, and that’s why it emits steam and gases leaving molten lava below. People don’t allow even to go swimming here.

Blue Hole, Dahab

The Blue Hole is perhaps known to be the most dangerous place for people to go for diving, as reportedly, many divers have already died in this world dangerous 400-foot deep cave.

Blue Hole

However, experienced divers say that the cause of deaths occurred there is usually because of nitrogen narcosis or even the insufficient air space upon ascent.

Horseshoe lake, USA

Well, there is no doubt to say that this lake is blessed with mesmerizing and scenic beauty, but of course, this isn’t the overall description of this place.


Horseshoe lake

This lake is actually filled with the carbon dioxide radiation from the fissures that actually made a curse for the lives of the human who wanted to move near to the lake.


So, these are the top 10 most dangerous lakes that can easily take up a human’s life without showing any sign. That’s why everyone needs to make sure about the water place when they are up to make a plan to visit for it…

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