How to Camp with the Whole Family

Traveling, camping and other outdoor activities surely fight stress and give you a sense of happiness, having proper knowledge on how to do it is a different story. Getting a little nervous about your camping skills? Relax and fret no more! We have listed several easy ways to get started. Below is a list of the things you need to prepare especially when camping with the whole family. Take a gander!

Think of a Camping Theme

This might be not necessary for some, but thinking of a theme before finding a location does help. Ask yourself or your family about the kind of camp they want. Do they want a campground where they can go swimming by the sea? By the lake? Do they want a place that would give them the vibe of nature? The sense of adventure? Do they want car camping? Thinking of a camping theme will help you in determining the kind of place your family wants.

Find a Location

After determining the kind of camp your family wants, it is now time to find a campground!

There are various campgrounds for families around the state, waiting for you to be discovered. Keep scrolling over the internet to find that perfect location for the whole family and don’t forget to book a reservation weeks before the actual camping day.

Make a list of the Things You Need to Bring

One of the best ways to be camping-ready is to make a list of all the things you need to bring like camping gear, equipment, and safety kit. Specifically:

  • Sleeping bags and pads
  • Pillows
  • Headlight or flashlight (Bring some extra batteries)
  • Foldable chair and table
  • Tent
  • Firewood (Look for some firewood stores near the campground)
  • Camping rug
  • Camping tools for repair (Tape, multi-tool, extra cord and rope, camp pad repair kit, hammer, ax (for cutting the firewood), cleaning implements
  • Water (Campgrounds have drinking water but bringing your own would be better)
  • Matches
  • Cooking pots
  • Stove and fuel (In case, your campground has no amenities for cooking)
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Knife
  • Food
  • Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Medicine and First-aid Kit
  • Clothes (and extra)
  • Jacket

If there are still things that are not included in the list, don’t forget to add them to your checklist!

Rent, Borrow or Buy a Tent

One of the most important things when camping is a tent. Of course, you don’t want your family to get wet just because you only brought sleeping bags and mats with you. Thus, when selecting a tent for your family, think about renting, borrowing or buying one.

Some campgrounds offer a tent for rent and it can make you save a little instead of buying a new one. However, if renting is not ideal for your budget, try borrowing from a friend or a relative. If you and your family are really into camping, well, buying a tent would be a great idea.

One of the most recommended tents for families is a cabin tent. It is perfect for your family since it is a little bigger than tunnel and dome tents. Because of its spacious feature, your family, especially the kids can freely move around in it.

Schedule the Trip

Make sure you choose a date when everybody is free. Let them look for the dates they will be available or when they want to go out for camping. Avoid scheduling a camping trip during holidays or weekends because you might not want many people in the campground. If not, scheduling weekends and holidays is not that bad.

You are already halfway there! Don’t forget to remember all of the things you need to prepare. Good luck and enjoy your family camping trip!

List Emergency Hotlines of Clinics or Hospitals Near the Campsite

As soon as you have chosen a campground, it is imperative to create a list of all the emergency hotlines of clinics or hospitals near the area. Since we never know what will happen during the camping trip, especially when you are with kids, it is best to have a contact of medical institutions near the site.

Plan Meals

One of the most awaited parts of any camping trip is the cooking. Make sure to plan your meals first before going to the campsite. If you have kids, let them join you in planning for meals and snacks. Remember to bring foods that do not spoil easily.

Create a List of All Camping Activities

To make the camp more memorable, create a list of all the activities you are planning to do. If you have kids, ask them about the games they want to play and the activities they want to do. Do they want to build castles? Hunt? Play catch? Ride a boat? Hike? The sky’s the limit!

Make sure to bring extra shirt and clothes just in case things in the campsite become too fun! Good luck on your family camping trip. Enjoy!

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