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Small Camper Trailers You Can Pull with Almost Any Car

Heading out onto the open road to revel in all that Mother Nature has to offer is an awesome experience. Although, camping and outdoor exploration can become an equipment heavy task very quickly. Once you’ve sorted a tent, and all the gear you need to keep it up, a sleeping bag and a chair, your mode of transportation will most likely already be totally stuffed. A camper trailer is the best solution to this age-old conundrum.

They save on crazy amounts of hassle and space, making it easier for you to get out there and venture where you please! A smaller camper trailer is more cost effective than a full-on RV or motorhome, they eat less fuel and are overall easier to take out on the road.

If you like the sound of scoring a camper trailer for your next trip, read on to discover a few of the best ones that you’ll be able to attach to practically any car:

The Weekender by Cub Campus

The weekender is the ideal small camper trailer for your car, whatever it is. It is majorly lightweight, meaning that it can be attached to small cars and still tick along perfectly. You can even venture off road with this guy, if you decide that you want to take your adventure to the next level. This light trailer will sleep two and you can use the bed for a little extra storage throughout the day.

A Roof Top Camper

This is a great option if you’re headed away for a day or two, with a big group of people. A single multifunctional camper can be compacted and folded into a tiny trailer that you can attach to any car. You’ll watch an entire home unfold before your eyes at the pull of a ladder – very handy! Of course this shouldn’t be relied upon for longer travels, so opt for a roof top if you go on quick and casual camping trips often.

A Teardrop Camper

This style first came about in the 30s, although they were known as caravanettes back then. The teardrop looks like the shape it’s named after, and it often only has sleeping space for two, with a small kitchenette in the rear. These may look a little dated, but there’s a reason that they’ve been on the scene for about ninety years.

The teardrop trailer is incredibly streamlined, lightweight and compact. They’re designed to be as light as possible so whatever the car, you can be sure that it can handle a teardrop. Just don’t take this one off road and definitely don’t opt for it if you’re in a big group, it won’t work all that well.

An Off Road Model

For off road driving trips where you know you’re going to be covering more dirt than you are tarmac, it’s definitely best to find a camper that’s a little more specific. A lightweight off road trailer is your best bet, like the The Explorer. This guy is made for entry level driving, which means that you can feel more confident and safe whilst you travel.

Although it’s not as light as the other options, medium SUVs can tow it. This isn’t the perfect option for every type of car, but if you love the idea of venturing down the road less travelled it might be the one for you.

Remember to always consult the official towing capacity of your vehicle just to be extra safe out on the road. Get out there and have an amazing trip knowing that you’ll be able to find the right camper for you, your car and your adventure!

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