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Creative Props That can Have A Unique Photo Shoot

Props are an important element of any portrait or image which means that every photographer has to put in adequate efforts to choose the right prop for a specific shoot. If a photographer makes use of less effective or improper props, all the efforts may get wasted because of inappropriate execution.

Since it is tricky to use props photographers avoid using them and develop a negative association with props. However, an ideal way is to learn how to use props correctly so that you rise above the photographic cliches.

Discussed below are some creative ways to use props which minimizes the chances of your failure-

Design your own props

One of the best ways to build a suitable prop is to design and create it yourself. If you have a specific vision of the portrait you intend to shoot then you will be able to design your prop in a better way.

This is because you have clear and precise set of requirements which makes it easier to craft it.

However, if you are not a creative person or good with crafts you can simply design it on a software and hire someone to build it. You cannot ignore the fact the entire creation process gives you immense creative exposure.

This means that you get to learn new techniques and come up with better ideas in future.

On the other hand, if it’s a grand shoot and you do not wish to mess up by creating the prop yourself you can always search for venues that already have good quality props.

If you have photo shoot for a sports product specifically for men then you need male oriented props. There are several events companies which offer a formula one simulator for photo shoots. You can make use of them and its worth considering if you are targeting niche audience and an elite client reputation.

Old props in a different way

A single prop can be utilized in multiple different forms but in order to do so you need creative vision and a unique approach. At times, mere change of lens or aperture setting makes the prop look different.

Besides, what you can do is set a different focus which also changes the main essence of the image. This means that you have to look above the basic possibilities and work on creative setups.

You cannot be satisfied with basic ideas/setting or with just one click. You have to constantly experiment different camera and prop setting to bring the best of a particular frame.

Practice conceptual photography

For beginners, conceptual photography is a mystery which is quite challenging to solve. But, as a matter of fact, it is believed to be the best way if you intend to master the trick of using props creatively.

The fundamental aspect of conceptual photography is that the main subject is your concept and you have to execute it in the image with help of props. If you are applying this method for the first time keep things simple for you and utilize the knowledge you have so far gained from other photographers.

You can simply experiment with the way a prop is placed if you are not confident about entirely replacing the prop. The initial few clicks will help you to determine what the main essence of the image is.

Go surreal

If you have a party theme for a photo shoot then helium balloons are the most favorable option. The main reason for their use is that they add color, long lasting and give a versatile glimpse to the frame.

Inspiration lies in the approach and vision of an individual and it is omnipresent. At times, a simple element can inspire you to think differently while in other scenarios you do not find anything even if you dig for miles.

Having said this, it does not put in efforts in your thoughts or go with the very first thought that crops in your mind. You can find inspiration in almost everything and anything.

Simply moving a frame clockwise can give you a new vision or give you a new idea which works for your current shoot.

Budding photographers therefore should never hesitate in using props creatively or in a different way.

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