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5 Best OEM Parts for Triumph Bonneville Bobber

When you mount a Bonneville Bobber, all you need is a wide open road and amazing weather to feel the beast. The amazingly royal look of your Triumph brings in sheer pride and happiness. It is one head turner and surely gives you the best experience of bike ride. However, to keep your Bonneville Bobber in its best form, you need to update it with the right OEM atv parts and accessories. Here are some of the best performing OEM and aftermarket parts to keep your bike sleeker, sturdier and best performing.

Triumph Tires

When you mount your Triumph and hear the engine roar below you, some of the components undergo a lot of pressure and are under high temperatures. Thus, to combat it and to ride safe on the roads, you need to go for the right OEM tires. Triumph brings you excellent treading results of its tires and helps your Bobber never lose any race. The tires prove to be your perfect base to hit the highways with the right speed. You can get best prices on motorcycle parts and tires online.

Sleeper Pro Exhaust Pipes

These performance mufflers are affixed on the rubber bushings to separate engine vibration and vehemently lower bracket fatigue and enhance the life of your investment. In order to match factory headers of your Bobber, you can order black or brushed Bobber models.

Turn out Performance Tips

They replace the stock mufflers with TT exhaust to provide your bike a better sound and look. They are made of stainless steel to add durability, quality and climate protection to your header. You can complement it with the header colour.

Triumph Bobber helmets

Yes, ride the classic Bonneville Bobber with a retro look helmet. The open face design of these helmets take you back to the old age but give you DOT certification protection you require. When you wear this, you no longer desire to go for those contemporary helmets. The sturdy fiberglass shell and comfy chin strap add protection and comfort to your riding.

Bates Foot Peg Kit

It includes the original foot peg mold along with bracket to suit the factory posture. With easy and quick installation, it enhances the ergonomics. It gives the rider a comfort during riding hours to place the feet aptly.

The online stores have all types of OEM atv parts and accessories which a biker may need for his bike. Whether you need it for your Triumph Bonneville Bobber or any other bike, you will get best prices on motorcycle parts online. Shop for all the required accessories, OEM parts and ATV parts online at BikeBandit and get them at highly reasonable prices.

If you have any queries and doubts, then feel free to hit the question to the technical team. No matter what bike you have, you will get the most extensive collection of any and every accessory you desire within seconds here. Just place your order and get them delivered right at your doorsteps. Improve your bike performance or add accents to it by shopping with us.

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