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How to Eradicate Spiders from Your Home

You fear spiders, right? Well, you aren’t alone. These insects are highly feared—especially when they manifest in homes. According to research, spiders can lead to deaths. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with the best ways to control spiders.

Remember, spiders can harm you, your family, and even pets. So, if you want to kick these house spiders from your home, keep reading. The following tips and tricks from experts will help you control spiders in your home.

Spider Control

Spider control is possible. However, you need to equip yourself with the necessary factors before investing in spider control. Familiarize yourself with the following key things:

There Is No Perfect Control Strategy

Of course, most spider control strategies are effective. However, they aren’t perfect. Remember, most spider control strategies involve chemicals. And chemicals aren’t 100 percent effective in killing spiders. Thus, spraying alone cannot guarantee you complete control over spiders. Remember, spiders have long legs.

These legs tend to keep the bellies of spiders off the surface. Thus, chemicals might not effectively kill these spiders. It’s also important to note that spiders don’t have a circulatory system. So, it’s difficult to transmit pesticides to their bellies.

Remove the Food Source

The most effective way to control or deal with spiders is to cut their sources of food. Remove any food for spiders around your home. Insects can be a great source of food for spiders. Thus, reduce the number of insects in your home.

You can use insecticides to will these insects. Doing so will chase away spiders from your home. Also, insects love hanging around lights. There are two types of spiders. They include:

  • Jumping spiders—these types of spiders tend to bounce when capturing their prey. Spiders in this category have short, stubby legs.
  • Running spiders—these types of spiders tend to have long legs. They include the wolf spiders as well as the brown recluse. These spiders don’t spin a web.

Capture Techniques

Getting rid of bugs in the house is one of the surest ways of eliminating spiders from your home. Use crack as well as crevice treatment soaked in insecticides. Alternatively, using a glue board and sticky traps can chase spiders away from your home.

You can add scents in the glue to attract the spiders. Put these traps in dark areas. Also, ensure the area is quite. In a nutshell, position the traps in areas where spiders love passing.


It’s also important to note that spiders don’t love hanging around in groups. Instead, they tend to be loners. This is because they are predators—which explains why they love operating individually.

Plus, they hate sharing food. That’s why you can even use a newspaper to whack any spider in your home. This method is as effective as using insecticides. You can also use the spider catcher to grab spiders and kill them.

How to Naturally Eliminate Spiders From Your Home

Here are natural ways of removing spiders from your house.

Spider Catcher

You can use a spider catcher to deal with those annoying spiders in the home. Spider catchers, which are essentially used to gently pick the spiders, are operated like vacuums.

Plus, these spider catchers don’t hurt the spiders. After catching the spiders, you can take them outside without necessarily hurting them.

Essential Oils

Essential oils—especially those with strong scents—can effectively repel spiders. For instance, you can purchase peppermint oil with water to spray your home.

It will repel the spiders and keep them off your home. You can also use a tea tree and lavender to make the scent even stronger. Also, rose as well as cinnamon can do a good job.

Pro tip: Consider changing your oil on a regular basis—it will make it more effective in repelling the spiders.


Another great way to deal with spiders is by using vinegar. Vinegar can be a good alternative if essential oil fails to work. Make a solution of vinegar. Then fill it in a god spray bottle. Ensure that the solution contains half water and half vinegar.

Spray it in the corners, crevices, as well as cracks. This will ward off spiders. Don’t spay vinegar on varnished surfaces—it may negatively affect their appearance.

Get Cleaning

Most spiders will hide in the dark. They also love hiding in the dirt. So, the best way to deter them from living in your home is by cleaning your house. Use sanitizers. Use a lot of water to clean the corners and the walls. Keep it tidy and neat.

De-clutter your house. Cleanse it on a regular basis. Also, avoid storing your belongings in cardboard boxes. Instead, store all your stuff in plastic containers. Also, consider dusting and vacuuming your house—it will eliminate webs.

Seal the Exteriors

Keep spiders off your house. Don’t let them access your home. Remove excess stuff from the walls. Don’t give them places where they can hide. Remove leaves, grass clippings, as well as composites. Also, do away with woodpiles. Inspect the windows—especially the openings.

Check to see if there are cracks. Seal all the openings using caulk. Also, consider fixing any torn windows. Other things to consider doing include covering vents and shielding the chimney with a mesh.

Consider Planting Eucalyptus Tree

Did you know that a eucalyptus tree can deter spiders from accessing your home? Well, these plants come with strong scents that can effectively repel off the spiders.

Plus, they smell nice and are easy to maintain. However, if you have limited space, consider going for a plant mint or lavender. Plant them underneath the windows. They can effectively drive spiders away.


Another natural way to deal with spiders is by using citrus. According to the research, spiders don’t like citrus. So, take citrus. Then rub its peel along the window sills, bookshelves, table bottoms, and even skirting boards.

You can also use lemon-scented cleaners as well as furniture polish in both outdoors and indoors.

Other Tips

Additional tips include:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Cedar can do the magic
  • Leverage on the power of garlic
  • Keep all the pet food covered
  • Wash fruit—it will keep off flies and spiders by extension

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let spiders pin you down. You can beat them and live without any worries. The above control tips will help you deal with home spiders. Remember, venomous spiders can be fatal. So, control them from becoming a nuisance in your home. These are the tips that can effectively control spiders in your home.

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