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What are the tangible benefits of fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic remains a new technology for many even though it has been quite some time since it’s an introduction. It offers a series of benefits to small scale users as well as large scale ones. From business IT pros and property-owners to kids who need it to work on their assignments – fiber optic makes life easier for everyone. Here are a few benefits to help you understand its usage and advantages;


Since the fiber-optics is built in a way that it depends on the light rather than electricity to transfer data – therefore, it is faster in comparison to broadband copper wires. As per the Federal Commissions Communication, fiber providers steadily offer 117% of the publicized speed even in times of peaked usage.

While a copper internet connection would be able to be as fast as 100 Mbps, a fiber optic can easily reach up to 1000 Mbps (1GB). Besides if the internet is slow – no one likes to finish their work, right?


It offers a lot more reliability than a copper internet because of its make. It is not susceptible to sudden weather changes and thus – there would be no disturbance because of that unwelcomed wind or heavy rainfall. In short, unless someone ‘cuts’ the fiber themselves – you are in for a long ride.

Signal Strength

The signal strength in copper wires is affected by your distance from it. The farther you are the more problematic your internet becomes. However, fiber-optic internet is not tainted as swiftly because of a little distance.


Low bandwidth means that the internet will be slow and offer pixelated videos alongside other such services. However, with a fiber optic internet comes a high bandwidth availability. Yes, it might not be unlimited but then again nothing is. However, your web calls, HD videos, file sharing and cloud applications etc. won’t have to suffer at the hand of slow internet.

Symmetric Speed

Asymmetric speed means that both the upload and download speed of an internet connection are equally fast. In short, the movie you download in half an hour on a copper internet connection will easily be downloaded within mere seconds with a fiber optic internet connection alongside uploading a project file on the internet.

This means that you don’t have to wait for one application to finish working to open another.


There is a reduced or no latency when it comes to fiber optic internet. The delays that you might fact using a copper wire will be at their minimum or eliminated from existence due to the fiber optics. This improves and upload and download speeds and also gives you the chance to move more applications to cloud itself.


Hackers and other cybercriminals can easily access data available on cable internet with tricks like cable tapping etc. However, in order to infiltrate a fiber-optic internet – one has to cut it himself. This means that whenever someone would try to do something of the sort – you can catch them easily esp. if you are running a business.

Resistance to Interference

If you are running an organization with telecommunications rooms, a copper wire is sensitive to electromagnetic fields and is disturbed by them very quickly. However, with a fiber optic internet, your connectivity is protected from such proximity issues.


A fast internet connection means that your productivity rate increases as well. Therefore, the projects you spend days to complete can be finished in hours or a lesser amount of days. This means that the money you invest in your internet would actually be coming back to you in shape of your success.

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