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Your Guide to the Exclusive Clubs in Mayfair, London

Mayfair is well-known as one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in London. Not only is it an impressive shopping district, but it’s also where you can find some of London’s trendiest restaurants and most exclusive clubs.

Of course, when people hear the word ‘exclusive’, they don’t give themselves the chance to think about partying in such clubs. This simple guide will list for you five of Mayfair’s best clubs and show you how to party in these exclusive venues.

Tape London

Tape London is an exclusive party venue reserved for London’s elegant crowd, international celebrities, and supermodels. Among the club’s most famous celebrity performers and guests you’ve got: Drake, P. Diddy, Cardi B, Winnie Harlow, ASAP Rocky, Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, and Usain Bolt. It’s quite an impressive lineup, but it’s no surprise given that Tape makes each night worth it.

The club offers some of the best and most extravagant bottle shows in Mayfair. Once the club opens its doors and all throughout the night, the club’s biggest spenders order their bottle shows and that’s when the magic happens. You get to see squads of bottles how girls, briefcases of champagne, confetti, fireworks, costumes, and more – an Instagram-worthy sight without a doubt.

Speaking of the gram, the venue also has not one, but two fully-prepped photo booths that are guaranteed to add some elegance and spice to your feed. However, make sure to take all the pictures you want before the night gets hot and heavy. Once MC Brendan Carter takes the stage, you will not want to miss it.

Each night at Tape features a different well-renowned DJ – Klipa, Friction, Charles Prince, and the list goes on. Not to mention, on some nights, celebrities take the stage and blow the roof off the place. Special nights aside, Tape is known as a hip-hop club, but you’ll also find the hottest RnB and Afrobeat releases blaring through the club’s speakers.

In order to party at Tape, you need to find a London club promoter. For ladies and girls groups, a guestlist is what you should ask your promoter about. For gentlemen and mixed groups, ask your promoter to guide you through the booking process. Because exclusive clubs like Tape get overwhelmed with requests, promoters are the best and fastest way to make it into the club.


While many clubs were still struggling as a result of the coronavirus in 2021, Tabu was one nightclub that opened its doors at the time. Not just that, but they quickly became successful enough to open a second location in Mykonos, Greece. While the club is second to Tape, it still is a strong competitor for quite a few reasons.

The venue aims to bring the elegance, mystique, edge, and tech that defines Tokyo nightlife all the way to Mayfair. Needless to say, they’ve been more than successful at doing just so. The club is designed to look like a Tokyo back alley, but with a twist.

All over the club, there are colorful LEDs, smoke machines, neon signs, and secret corridors. Not just that, but the club’s dancers stay true to the aesthetic through their wardrobe choices and their unique masks. The same could be said for the bottle show crew who give their guests true VIP treatment.

While the club primarily plays hip-hop, the upstairs lounge, Yuki by Tabu, plays house music. The lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can have a good time getting to know the venue’s elegant crowd.

To party at Tabu, you’ll also need to find yourself a club promoter. Especially, in the seasons of high demand, having a promoter to help you out can come in handy.

Wyld by Nature

Wyld is another club that has only recently joined the Mayfair nightlife scene. Unlike other nightclubs, however, Wyld is a luxury brand that promotes conscious living. As a result, the club’s efforts have been acknowledged and rewarded by the global Positive Luxury.

Wyld provides a luxury clubbing experience through its bold design: an 80s-inspired interior, leather couches, and timeless disco balls. Not just that, but the club’s team wears bejeweled animal masks that scream decadent mystique.

At the same time, the club also participates in the Buy a Bottle, Plant a Tree initiative by Eden Reforestation Projects. What’s more is that they don’t rely on single-use plastic items and they do the best they can to reduce their carbon footprint, from changing how they handle supplier relations to waste management.

To go clubbing at Wyld, a promoter is your way in. You can also try their website, but you’d be needlessly risking getting stuck behind a long list of club-goers.

Luxx London

What sets Luxx London apart from the competition is its light work. There are giant LED screens around the dancefloor and scattered around the club. You also have light boards, lasers, and LED lights in strategic places to give you the best light show you can dream of.

Needless to say, the Luxx London dancefloor is something else. Especially because the club’s DJs are always ready with spot-on RnB, hip-hop, and house mixes. To top it all off, the Luxx crowd is young and wild which has a way of keeping things interesting.

To get into Luxx, you can try to make a booking through their website. However, the most reliable way to get in is through a promoter.


Annabel’s is one of the most elegant clubs in Mayfair. It also happens to be one of the hardest clubs to get into as it is a members-only club.

While the rest of the clubs on this list have a more casual vibe, Annabel’s adopts a more sophisticated vibe. If you see the place with the lights on, you would expect it to be an elegant lounge of sorts, but not a wild clubbing venue. However, that couldn’t be further from reality.

The club is famous for its Halloween, Christmas, and Summer Solstice parties where the management goes all out on the decorations. Gargantuan dragon statues, two-story high clown heads, horses, warriors, dungeons, and that’s not even half of it. Add to that a DJ and a wild, sophisticated crowd, and you’ve got yourself a legendary night.

The only drawback is that Annabel’s is a members-only club which means you either need to be a member or know a member who can get you an invite. Otherwise, there’s no way to get through Annabel’s doors.

Whether you’re a Londoner or coming into the city from abroad, this is all the information you need to make the best out of Mayfair’s nightlife scene. Remember that the busier the season, the earlier you’ll want to get in touch with someone. And, always abide by the dress code because these clubs take it seriously.

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