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Scientifically Travel Is Good For Health


Would you concur that travel is really necessary for good health? Or do you think travel more of a luxury, non-essential. According to Study, most of the people agree that travel isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Surprisingly though, studies have shown that many people don’t take regular annual vacations or even use any of their vacation time at all. For me, traveling is always been the most gratifying thing. And after returning from travelling, I experience like a new personality, it is a huge self-confidence booster — Mr Shamim Akhtar.

1. Travel Create Stronger Antibodies and Enhance Your Immune System Appreciably

Travelling create a big role on your immune system because there are little proteins in our body which is called antibodies. Antibodies protect your immune system from harmful pathogens. According to the research exposure to some dirt and minor illnesses actually keeps your body stronger. It is not necessarily that you shouldn’t rehearse essential cleanliness on the road or trip but still you should be careful with hand wash and little hand sanitizer. Having some new bacteria in your body is not bad thing. According to the study travelling travel has been his best probiotic. While you are travelling from different places to different places your body use to or adapts thousands of new bacteria, which it turns makes it much stronger.

2. Travel Lowers Stress Levels

As you all know travelling one of the major causes for reducing the stress levels it’s scientifically proven that travel will increase your happiness, decrease your depression help you just chill out. . A research found that three days after vacation, travelers felt well-rested, less worried, and in a better frame of mind. And these progresses didn’t vanish when they returned home, they lasted for weeks afterward

3. Travel Improves Your Brain Health

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Science has confirmed that travel keeps your brain healthy when you meet new people. When you are put in new conditions for your faculties to take part in, your brain goes into overdrive taking in and understanding all that is going on around you. You are going to be globally and culturally aware while you are traveling. Experiences of travelling directly increase your cognitive flexibility, keeping your mind sharp. In study it is found that travel increase creativity and deeper sense of countries cultural awareness and personal growth. According to Social Psychology travel and study abroad tend to be more open and emotionally stable.

4. Travel Will Decrease Your Heart Disease

Travelling one of the biggest factors for reducing the risk of heart disease with little vacations you can relax your body and mind. A study found that person who go on vacation at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and heart disease than person who vacation less than once every two years.

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5. Travel Keeps You Fit

While you are traveling make the opportunity to be active and try different things to increase the health benefits. There are lots of adventures sports like hiking, rafting, camping, zip lining, kayaking, horseback riding, or surfing. When we are on journey we always want to try new adventure sports actually we are more likely to attempt an extreme sport, hike to get the best views of our surroundings. In case if you are planning to stay all day at beach walking on sand will force your muscles to work twice as hard.

6. Places on Earth That Has Healing Properties.

There are lots of place on the earth which have the healing properties in their atmosphere for your body. Different countries have different atmosphere which have the properties to regenerate your dead cells. It is scientifically approved that natural hot springs of Turkey, Iceland or Costa Rica that draw on the earth’s healing properties. With the help of this mineral-rich water you can feel relax, enhance your skin, relieve pain and stress and increase longevity. Energy vortexes — do exist where earth’s powers join to heal, improve, and rejuvenate. Some of them renowned energy places are Stonehenge, Pyramids of Egypt, Sedona, AZ and Mount Desert Island, Maine. Just visit these places to heal your body internally.

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7. Travel Opens Your Mind and Opinions

Experience of different nations, surroundings, background, cultures, religions, and lifestyles which are very diverse from each other, each one of which delivers the unique experience and healthy opinions about the world around you. Travel discloses the new ways of living and expands your points of views towards the world. With the help of travelling you will learn the different way of living life. During travelling, you will learn how other cultures live in a healthy way and allowing yourself to view alternative ways of living.

8. Travel Increases Your Connection to Others

Friendships, this is most common factor which is always happened during the travelling. We made lots of friends in the most unexpected journey or travelling. Make new connections always healthy and travelling is a perfect to help you meet new people. Enjoy other people company create the big role on your health. Engaging with the locals, other travelers and even those your traveling with can improve your mental health studies have found.

9. Travel Lowers the Risk of Depression

Most of the people nowadays suffering with disease called depression which unfortunately a major problem. Millions of people struggle with depression on a regular basis and it’s not rare for doctors to over prescribe treatment for depression.

But luckily there are lots of alternatives are available for fugitive impossibility of a depressed state. According to research, travelling one of the best activities which reduce the depression and anxiety.

10. Travel Will Give You a Chance To Live More

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It’s reality; the individuals who travel will have a longer life expectancy. Regardless of whether neighborhood or worldwide, all types of travel improve our lives and can really increase our life expectancy. In study it is found that travel reduce mental stress, keeps your body solid all around, and enhance your mind health. This means an expanded possibility of living longer and to having a ton of fun doing it.

11. Travel Boosts Happiness and Satisfaction

Most people will in general be more joyful when they’re heading out and don’t need to stress over work, obviously. In study is that individuals additionally experience an immediate increment in happiness from just planning a trip.

Three days subsequent to getting away, explorers report feeling less on edge, progressively refreshed and feeling better. The study found that the expectation of getting away is far more prominent than the expectation of obtaining a physical belonging. Accordingly, the advantages of travelling abroad start a long time before the trip does.

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