Tips to Make Software Outsourcing Work with Agile Methodology

Application of the agile methodology to software development chores is the current trend that brings in more flexibility and success factor. But the implementation of agile methods is not that easy and requires proper collaboration to bring a change in the traditional approaches of software development.

So, here are a few tips that you can imply to get your software outsourcing compatible with agile methodology.

Getting an Agile partner

The fundamental thing that you need to do for agile software outsourcing is to get an agile partner at first. For this, you need to have a look at the team’s company culture to find out whether they make use of agile technology and offer flexibility in their approach. Also, one needs to check out that if the team offers their own ideas and peace of mind for the betterment of the software development or whether they stick only to client requisites.

Obviously, every client will want things to be done according to their orders, but they are not developers. Only software developers can understand the current trends and accordingly give their mindsets for improvement; acceptance lies in the hands of the client.

But finding an agile partner who has relevant industry experience can help you with your software development needs in the best possible way should be ideally in your list.

It’s the team that matters

It may be easy for you to find an individual and handover your software development task. But if you are determined about having an agile methodology for your software, then you have to focus on the team, not the individuals.

Every individual may have their own success stories to narrate in their programming career. But the catch lies in weighing the success of the team over their individual achievements.

They may be excellent as an individual, but they need to have compatibility with each other while working as a team. Therefore, you are required to measure their success as a team owing to their collaboration ability before handing your work.


Ensure that the agile partner you are choosing makes use of automation in all the processes of software development. The automation should be triggered in such a way that it is easily understandable by the stakeholders. Also, it should be easy to operate and quick to allow regular execution.

Visiting your outsourcing team

Meeting a person face to face has its own impact. You can separate out a particular budget for visiting the vendor. There are also chances that you may not personally reach the place of their residence due to lack of feasibility or high expenses. But you can surely meet them face to face via videoconferencing. This way, you will get to analyze the team in a better way.

Maximize your communication

If you are particular about the usage of agile methodology, then you need to maximize your interaction with the team leader handling your project. Usage of agile methods for software development is far too complex in comparison to simple software development; thus, you need to maintain a proper and strong communication channel while outsourcing your project. It will help in building better amalgamation and understanding between the client and the vendor.

Bottom line

So, these were a few ways in which one can adopt the agile methodology for getting their software developed. Though there are countless numbers of agile software outsourcing companies in the world, selecting Saigon technology for your software development purpose can assure you of getting your software developed using the agile methodology.

The experts take care that all the requisites are met and also provide their clients with expert suggestions for the betterment of the project.

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