Home Education Importance of Learning In Schools and Home: A Thorough List

Importance of Learning In Schools and Home: A Thorough List

Importance of Learning In Schools and Home: A Thorough List

In today’s times, a lot of factors contribute to the overall growth of children. Teachers in schools, parents at home, the society they grow up in, as well as their friend circle all create a combined effect in the overall well being of a kid. The curious brains of kids are always in search of new and newer information. And they can never have enough of it. Everything, each little learning happening in schools and at homes at especially when they are with their friends, teaches them something. This teaching can be motivating, healthy or demotivating or unhealthy. Student growth is a very significant topic of discussion that can never be avoided, no matter what.

It has been a tradition to know about the total growth of a kid by evaluating his scores he achieves from various school examinations in a year. This method has been effective to measure the kid’s academic growth for decades. But, apart from the academic growth, can it be enough to evaluate his overall growth? Not at all. What about physical well-being, what about the emotional well-being, and what about his social well-being. The sole purpose of education should not only about finally getting a job. Or having some good marks to show in the resumes. It should be about being somewhat successful in all aspects of life.

So what steps do you need to take to help students bring out their hidden talent? How can we be so sure about their success from a small age? Here’s how:

Appropriate Motivation

One of the worst mistakes a school teacher or a parent can do to their students and kids is putting them in a pit that is impossible for their tiny hands and feet to climb up and get out. If your expectations are just too high while your kid is average, he would simply not make it and have an lifelong despair of not being worthy at all. So what should we do? How about helping him understand the importance of stairs instead of going through an escalator. Going through escalator might be fast, but would it make your kid’s leg muscles strong enough to excel in the next race he is going to participate in? Probably not.

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Analyze his Steps and Make Necessary Strategies

In some digital learning schools in Jaipur, there are digital tools that help analyze the day to the daily growth rate of students by measuring his success. These platforms can count all the mistakes and evaluate what sector has to be improved. This is I think the right use of technology. The same goes for the teacher and parents. When you have given your student or kid a task, goal, or expectation, then keep tracking his path. And be present whenever he needs necessary improvements. Don’t nag him every second but if he or she is just about to take a major wrong turn, then stop him right away and guide him accordingly.

Comparing them with Others

All schools in Jaipur tell the parents to understand the actual potential, the intelligence and physical level of their kids to avoid ending up giving a lot of depression to them. Every student is at a certain level. Not all the students are at the same level. If you compare them with the top student in the school or just your neighbour’s boy, it will just break them down. On a side note, they will begin to develop an inferior feeling towards the person for no reason. Why do that?

At the end of the day, it’s true that you want the best for your child. But can everyone in this world become a doctor, a scientist in NASA, or a pilot? Could you become? You might give an excuse that you could have done something great in your life if such and such problems weren’t there. Then why are you forgetting that today’s kids have their own set of predicaments?

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