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Advantages of CCTV Cameras in the Modern World

CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh

In today’s digital world of technological advancements, the importance of security and safety is something that is mandatory for every property or business owners. Be it a personal property or commercial property, the best procedure to prevent it from advanced threats can be installing CCTV surveillance system.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television is a subsystem consists of cameras and other digital recording equipment and devices that are used to monitor people, places, processes, home, special areas, and properties. It is a technique of live visual security system which can be recorded by transferring the data to other devices like computers, monitors, and smartphones etc using Internet Protocol solutions.

Advantages of using CCTV Cameras

Deter Criminal Activity

CCTV is a type of situational crime prevention process in which levels of formal surveillance are raised within a target area. This is the most recognized benefit of using Closed Circuit Television. Personal security in public places has become an area of increasing importance to authority. Uses of Closed Circuit Television Cameras as a criminal deterrent is to succeed as part of a broader crime decreasing process with active monitoring and where police are able to respond quickly to a developing incident. Outside of being able to monitor premises, using CCTV cameras are an excellent deterrent for burglars.

“Most criminals are pretty disorganized, they don’t think about it. The reason the cameras are high is two-fold. One is to keep it out of harm’s way”.

Research has found that using CCTV cameras in car parks resulted in a 51% decrease in crime; 23% decreases in public transportation areas; 7% decreases in public settings.

A report was written by the Office for National Statistics, 2 in 100 homes were victims of robberies, with 40% of incidents taking place during working hours whilst occupiers are away from their properties. In the same report, 70% of burglars gain entry homes into the main door, while the remaining 30% use windows to entry. Therefore using CCTV cameras towards these routes of entry is the most strategic set of your camera devices. You may visit here as well to learn more about Cctv Camera Company in Bangladesh. I’m sure after visiting this website; you will be no more in need of surfing about CCTV cameras online.

Active Live Monitoring


Using CCTV camera at home is the best and most effective way to keep your home and its perimeter more safe and secure. Whether you want to know what is happening in your house when you are away, a home CCTV camera makes it easy. Having such a security camera can be a deterrent for burglars and other threats. You also will be able to be aware of who is coming to your home. A Closed Circuit Television Camera can also be the ultimate baby monitor. You can actively monitor your children’s or other family member’s activity. It can be set up at different blind spots around the home where you cannot see from your windows so that you will be able to check around your home if you hear any abnormal sounds or would like some extra peace of mind. You will also be able to check the perimeter of your property without leaving your home.


Commercial properties are constructed to provide owners with adequate protection against adverse weather conditions. Using CCTV cameras in a business area or office or business store helps to prevent crimes, live monitoring employee or customer’s activity that are they working actively or not. It helps to be a useful piece of evidence when any crime has occurred in your business.

This can protect your staff physically against violence from customers or consumers. It can also protect you and your staff against false accusations – perhaps coming from colleagues or even from client and consumers. Having some CCTV camera inside your office helps in creating discipline among the stuff, so it increases employee’s efficiency.


Using CCTV cameras in school helps the authority to monitor the activity of teachers, staff, and students. It helps in monitoring and keeping an eye on activities taking place in school premises. It’s used in classrooms and on the corridors keeps an eye on teachers as well as students that are they doing their job or not. It prevents bullying students often complain about being bullied at school.

Used in conjunction with other security measures, CCTV cameras for schools is a great way to reduce crime and ensure accountability. Even though some might object to an invasion of privacy by setting CCTV cameras everywhere, there is a way to increase surveillance while respecting everyone’s rights.

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