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The Best Equestrian Educational Courses and Training Programs

“What can be more romantic and fascinating than riding a horse while watching the last rays of the sun blinking on the horizon that is filled with the tints and hues of magic? The answer is nothing. Still, riding a horse is not that easy as it seems to be at first sight, as any specialist at a horse farm would tell you that it requires a lot of stamina, strength, analytical thinking, and a lot more specialized knowledge and skills.”, says Jennifer Broflowski, one of the cover letter writers for hire from CraftResumes.

Hence, if you are eager to become a great horseback rider but do not know where to start, where to find some decent horse property, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. This article will tell you about the best equestrian educational course and training programs.

California Riding Academy

Whether you or your child is a novice to the equine studies, California Riding Academy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting of its kind. Up to the date, it has existed for more than a decade,  and it has a rich history of providing equestrian courses. As for the children, local professionals welcome children aged 5-15 and equip them with fantastic memories they will keep for a lifetime!

As it was already mentioned, the Academy provides its professional and safe instruction not only to the children but also the adult enthusiasts following their personal goals. Their friendly staff will make you enjoy intensive exposure to all horse-related duties in a fun and safe environment. In case you are fancy about taking part in the competition but feel too busy to groom and tack-up your horse, they do offer the service of having it prepped to ride for you.

William Woods University

The Equestrian Complex at Williams Woods University, historically first American university providing four-years equestrian degree, is as much about the study of horses as it is about their riding. Classrooms here operate since 1924 and include state-of-art viewing equipment, while the University library holds a plethora of books on all aspects of the equine industry. Besides, students can access most of the books online.

As a specialist that made paperell reviews claims, local students there have the benefit of riding in two heated indoor arenas, a lighted outdoor arena in case you want to practice when it is too dark, a 40-acre cross-country course, and several more. Their education programs remain to have 90 years of equestrian leadership, combining a solid theoretical base with practical skills. So, you should probably consider it in your quest to become a better horseman.

Western Pleasure Training Program

Whenever you start talking about horse riding in the United States, stay assured that the first place that the locals would recommend you to go would be Texas. There is an unbreakable mental link between Texans and horse riding as the skills of riding a horse are being transmitted to them in blood.

The center is the place where the best CAEP western professionals will share all their knowledge with you and will train you on how to ride a horse. What is more, this is a program for those who are willing to take horseback riding seriously as it lasts for one year.

Nonetheless, if you embark upon it, this is the set of skills that you are expected to have when you will “graduate”: horse handling, basic nutrition, cattle care, and feeding, training, disciplining, and advancing horses, breeding, and foaling, stallion handling, and basic veterinary skills. You can find more information about the other training and horseback riding centers here.

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