Best Smart Home Systems – Changing Trends

When it comes to our daily interaction with technology, from our smartphones to smart plugs, and when it comes to our homes, we need that to become smart enough to fit our busy lives. Luckily smart appliances are becoming a very big trend and you can transform your house with just a few smart home hacks.

There are many smart home products out on the market, and buying one could seem like a daunting challenge, with each having its own features and functions, so doing some research is always important before just buying something that you might not be able to use.

Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit

The Phillips Hue ranges are available with basically every smart home system on the market. This starter kit includes two light bulbs and a hub to connect them to your other smart home devices.

Although you can’t change the color of these bulbs, you can adjust their brightness all the way up to 800 lumens, and you can add up to 50 bulbs to a hub. Phillips bulbs will also work with almost all the smart home systems; these include Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Google Nest, and Home.

You can also sync your lightbulbs to your PC or Mac to make your lights flash to the beat of the music or even change color according to the mood of what you are listening to

WeMo Mini

This little smart plug is easy to use and works with most of the smart assistants. Belkin’s WeMo Mini smart plug is a favorite among users. It’s thin enough to fit two can comfortably fit together in one outlet. It does not have energy monitoring, but it will work with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

An old fashioned on/off switch lets you control it manually as well no smartphone needed. It also features a neat Away mode that makes it look like you are home.

Arlo Q

Offering a generous free storage plan, brilliant video quality and lots of other features, it is no wonder that the Arlo Q is one of the top choices when it comes to smart cameras.

Its 1080p camera has excellent video quality, in daylight as well as at night, superior motion detection and scheduling feature to suit anyone’s needs. But the one feature that sets the Arlo Q apart is that you will receive one week of free video cloud storage absolutely free.

Nest Protect

The Nest Protect lets you know if there is danger in your smart home; it detects the smoke and carbon monoxide from a fire and can help you get out of the house by turning on the lights for you.

Not just does it detect smoke and carbon monoxide, but the sensors can pick up both slow and fast-burning fires, and will tell you in which room of your house the fire is to avoid the wrong patch to get out of the house. It can also be connected to other smart home devices to help you get out of the house and to safety as fast as possible.

Ecobee (5th Gen)

Everyone’s favorite smart thermostat has the power of Alexa built into it, but the real power of this little device sits in its remote sensors. The 5th generation of the Ecobee smart thermostat is as good the one before and even better.

With a clear and shiny touchscreen and a remote sensor, it ensures that every room is getting enough heating or cooling remotely to make your entire home a comfortable temperature zone. The remote sensor also has a great battery life and also a great range. It also has a better speaker this time around so that you can play music through it.

August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock will work with Alex, HomeKit and Google Assistant, Z-wave, Nest, IFTTT and it will integrate with the rest of your security system. The August Smart Lock Pro is easy to install and this is what makes it so popular. It will let you know if the door is ajar and deep integration into other smart home devices and pairs great with the August Doorbell Cam.

It will allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door if you forgot to lock up before going on holiday, or to let in the neighbors if you forgot the stove on or if they need to fetch something for you.

Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings makes it easy for you to connect and automate your smart home devices. If you shopped around a bit and you end up with a wide variety of smart home devices, you will need a central hub that can integrate and control them.

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It will work with a variety of different devices and brands and has Wi-Fi built into it so that you don’t need to plug it into your router; this means that it is easier to place it anywhere in your house for the best connection to all your devices.

Chamberlain MyQ

The easy to use interface makes this the stress-free garage door opener. The Chamberlain’s garage door opener lets you just tap the screen to open and close the garage door from anywhere. The company plans to add geofencing capabilities; this means that your garage door will know when you are in the driveway so that it can open itself when you are there.

When you are safely inside, the Chamberlain will sense it and close automatically. The MyQ will work with all garage doors made after 1993

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Amazon’s flagship smart speaker, which is now in its 3rd generation, delivers exquisite sound, a nice little package, and an affordable price. This generation takes on a whole new look as compared to its previous iterations.

This version of the Echo takes advantage of all Alexa’s functions like controlling your smart home gadgets and connecting to other smart home hubs. It can read your audiobooks to you and check the weather. It will even let you make purchases online by voice. If you are just using it for a Bluetooth speaker, the sound is amazing.

Shark Ion R85

This is the best robot vacuum that will find on the market. Keeping your house clean isn’t an easy job, but the Shark Ion R85 will help you clean and keep it clean.

It is proven great at picking up pet hair and much other debris around the home and can be set to clean at certain times or detect if there is a mess. It will also send a message to your smartphone if the easy to clean dustbin needs emptying.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This smart doorbell uses a High-Definition camera to be able to see outside your door no matter the time of day or night. It will also let you know that someone is at the door wherever you are with the easy to install and set up the app for iOS or Android Smartphones.

It features a very powerful easy to remove the battery. And it is weather-resistant, enabling it to survive the harshest of conditions.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

The original smart vacuum will keep all your floor surface clean of dust, dirt and debris. It cleans floors with its three-stage cleaning and uses a smart wall-following sensor to clean around furniture and corners. It also has a one-touch button to start up and automatically docks to the home station to recharge.

With the cliff detecting function, it can clean stairs without tumbling down. It’s never a mistake to go with the original smart vacuum

Nest Hello

With facial recognition and great video quality, the Nest Hello is a nifty little video doorbell. The Hello from Nest has the best video so far from a video doorbell camera, but it’s not just the video that is amazing; it’s microphone and speaker are as clear as anything. If you ever asked the question, are smart homes safe?

The Nest Hello answers with facial recognition and it will even announce who is at the door so that you are never in the dark about who is at the door. Although it needs a hardwired connection, it records video permanently. You can also set up different zones so that you only get notified if someone stands in just the right spot.

Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

Cleaning 99.97 percent of dust and other particles that are as small as 0.03 microns, this is the cleanest your smart home’s air is going to get. It cleans the air with a four-stage system and can do rooms as big as 190 square feet. Including a smart air quality checker to detect when it should clean the air, so just switch it on and forget about it.

It also has a 3-speed fan built in to keep your clean air nice and cool and will remind you to replace the carbon and air filters

Sonos One

This Hi-Fi speaker uses Alexa to make voice commands easy and delivers amazing sound right through your home. This small but powerful speaker gives you complete control of your home through the Sonos app or through Alexa with your smartphone.

It will also play over 30 streaming services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. You can also connect multiple Sonos’s for a surround sound effect in your house.

ADT Pulse

This premium security system offers true all year-round professional monitoring services. With the ADT Pulse, you can control all your smart home devices through the Mobile app and Alexa voice commands. It also connects to all your house’s smart locks and cameras for the best smart home safety.

You can also use it to review activity at your home from the past month through the app, ensuring you know everything that happens while you’re away.


A smart home is more than just a single device but more a network of different devices working together to create a seamless experience. From the moment you walk into the door, which opened itself to the music and lighting greeting you in the house. It also encompasses every part of home life, from cooking to buying your groceries. Even our safety is important to the smart home industry. Yes, turning your home into a living breathing smart home isn’t cheap but the convenience it brings pays for it over and over.

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