Why Does a Strong Lock For Your Door Matter?

People often search for locksmiths in Dunwoody to buy reliable locks. At the risk of stating the obvious, there are strong door locks and there are weak door locks. The difference between the two could be the difference between one that is protected from theft and one that isn’t.

While nobody plans on seeing their house or business getting robbed, the sad reality is that this does happen. You can and should do your best to avoid such a scenario by purchasing a strong lock.

Let us look at the different types of locks that can protect your valuable goods.


The pinnacle of security in door locks is a Grade-1 door lock. This is a lock based on the deadbolt mechanism unlike the normal spring bolt locks. It meets both commercial and residential safety standards. Grade 1 rated door locks are only available in the form of a lever handle. The Grade-1 lock must pass extensive, intense testing in the form of a 360 pound weight test and 800,000 cycles under extreme stress.

Apart from this there is a hammer test where the lock must be able to withstand ten strikes with a hammer and undergo 250,000 cycles under pressure. The durability and security of these locks are like none other. When it comes to security, a Grade-1 rated door lock is your best option. Average price: $150 USD.


When your requirement is not heavy duty yet commercial in nature, opt for a Grade -2 door lock. Far stronger than what the typical residential requirements are and yet not targeted for heavy commercial use, a grade -2 lock must be able to 400000 cycles of extreme test in addition to emerging successful in a 250-pound weigh resistance test. When you need reliable security without breaking your bank, go for Grade-2 door locks. Most grade-2 locks can be found for $85 USD.


When you need basic security, you can fall back on the Grade-3 door lock. Athough adequate for most uses, it is the least ranked lock available in the market. A grade-3 lock should be usually able to endure 200000 cycles under normal pressure. In the hammer test, it has to withstand at least 2 strikes of a hammer. Grade-3 locks can be found at a starting price of $15 USD.

Some extra features to look out for:


The deadlatch strike plate has holes for the bolt and is a metallic plate attached to the doorjamb. This is a superior replacement for the regular installed plate and improves safety exponentially. Average cost: $10 USD.


This is a mechanism that is accessible only from the inside and installed on the interior. This adds an extra layer of quick security for the consumer and at a low cost. Average cost: $10 USD.

The ‘Smart Lock’ and the tech behind locks of the future

At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we love how technology has advanced home security. Technology is a constant in our lives and in recent years it has spread to the field of security as well. From the smallest of security cameras to the most advanced door locks, the marvels of technology can’t be denied.

The ‘smart lock’ is the result of such a marriage between security and technology. Smart lock is built by a company called Goji. The lock has a built in camera that takes the picture of anyone activating the lock and sends it to the owner of the lock. The picture can be send to a mobile device as well as email.

The next big wave of technology in home and commercial security is predicted to be keyless door locks. For example, iTouchless has put to rest the fear of losing a key ever again with its biometric fingerprint deadbolt that rated as Grade-1 lock. iTouchless uses the latest biometric technology with a simple installation procedure. More than 150 different users can be given access and up to 78 pass codes can be used here.

Another such example of great technology is the August Smart Lock. The premise here is simple. You can unlock doors with the help of your smartphone. You can also send n invite to friends that will allow them to unlock the doors to your business or home during a set time.

Most of the locks mentioned above don’t require you to search far and wide but can be easily found in your neighbourhood stores such as Depot (US), B&Q (UK) or Bunnings (Australia).

You also have the option of purchasing them online through sites such as Amazon and also receive a sweet discount. Additionally, you will also have the benefit of reading reviews and customer testimonials which will help you to choose the best product for your needs.

Remember, how and where you need the lock along with the level of security you need are the most important things to consider before purchasing a lock. As a rule of thumb, you can consider Grade-1 locks for external doors and Grade-2 locks for interior doors. If you need a locksmith in Dunwoody, do not hesitate to get in touch with Top Atlanta Locksmith.

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