Top Underwater Alternatives To Atlantis You Must Have To Visit

Planning to visit Atlantis for having some breath-taking adventure. And you really want to travel to Atlantis and experience living under the water. The view inside the water that you cannot forget until your last breath. While we can’t set up a meet-charming with Arthur Curry, we have the following best thing.

Spending time under the water is quite different. Planned but don’t know too much about this place. Like- how to reach there. Don’t worry, we have found the easiest way to reach here. Just make an American Airlines Reservations to reach here efficiently and conveniently.

Here are the 4 top places where aquatic adventure is only a flight

The Maldives

The Maldives is hot right now. And when the temperature is from 80 to the middle of January, we are not just talking about the weather. The popularity of this tropical destination is increasing, and, as a bonus, there are plenty of opportunities to test whether you can telepathically communicate with marine life.

After spending a day at the beach in the sun, take your pick from Lux’s many underwater dining experiences. 5.8 is located inside the Haravali Island Resort, the world’s largest all-glass Understatt restaurant and is named Distance to the Surface – 5.8 meters or about 20 feet. The other option is the sea at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villa, where you can check out the world’s first underwater wine cellar before a meal surrounded by sea creatures and tropical fish. If you are in the mood for a night out, Niama heads to SubSix in the Private Islands, where you can have a dinner party on Wednesday and Saturday at the Underwater Glow Party.

If you have recently hit the lottery, or are on holiday, spend an unforgettable night underwater at the Muraca Underside Villa in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The recently opened two-tier residence goes for $50k a night.

And if you party a little bit, no need to worry at all. Recover your hairstyles under the sea level at the world’s only underwater spa at Huvafen Fushi.


Dubai tops the travel list of many people looking for luxury, meaning that one of the underwater opportunities is a fit for the Atlantic King. While the Burj Khalifa is a must-see sky high, there are also some incredible views below sea level. Atlantis the Palm is offering the two underwater suites, Poseidon and Neptune along with floor-to-ceiling underwater views.

On the Palm, the Atlantis-themed Lost Chambers Aquarium offers diverse marine life as you roam in a maze of glass tunnels and chambers. And it does not end there. Additional underwater hotels are planned in Dubai’s works, including a model following the Venetian canals.

Florida Keys

If you want to pass the oceans a little bit from home, we got you. You have to look far for the prescribed sea attractions in the Florida Keys, but there is also a lot to do under the sea.

Although some underwater resorts may be worth the effort, Key Largo does not have this. Plan a weekend trip at Jules Undersea Lodge for an aquatic overnight under your budget and it’s quite pocket-friendly also. The only catch is that you have to dive to reach the lodge. Gear is provided in cost and if you are not SCUBA certified, you can get a Discover SCUBA diving certificate on-site for $ 95. Package includes underwater pizza delivery and breakfast. You can leave overnight and travel only for pizza.

John Larkamp Coral Reef State Park of Largo Largo, the first undersea park in America, for more underwater walking. Snorkel or scuba among tropical vegetation and marine life, or take a glass-boat boat trip to check out some of the shallow reefs. Take a selfie with a nearby Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and a nine-foot bronze statue – one of Key’s most popular underwater photos. It lives in shallow water, so you do not need diving equipment to take a shot.

To have a more unique aquatic experience. Then, try to travel in the month of July for the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival. when hundreds of divers and snorkelers donate costumes and pump to music underwater. The annual program promotes the conservation of the coral reefs of the area.


When the weight of unifying the seven states becomes too much, all you need to do is get off the grid for a while. Or, if you’re like us, you need no excuse. Manta Resort on Pemba Island in Tanzania is just that – a remote escape where you can disconnect (and get a pretty epic). Dash to the underwater room, accessible only by boat 820 feet from the shore.

Multi-story housing starts on a landing deck, head for sunbathing and stargazing. Then, travel under the deck for a 360-degree view of the ocean from your bedroom. During the day, snorkel around your private retreat before enjoying the happy hour in your ocean oasis.


Because it’s built inside a deserted quarry in southwestern Shanghai, 16 floors of the InterContinental Shimao Wonderland that opened in November 2018 are technically positioned underground. But two floors also are placed underwater, with views of the inn’s aquarium.

When it is finished within the following few months, the bedroom of the 2 floors Underwater Loft will appear out over the water’s floor, while the living room one ground down could be ensconced within the aquarium. The motel’s seafood eating place, Mr Fisher, also has comparable underwater perspectives of the aquarium.


As you can see, In this article you will see the Top underwater Alternatives to Atlantis you must visit to enjoy the best moment of your life. And spend your precious time. Don’t wait anymore to experience the world’s best adventure under the water. Just book your American Airlines Reservations and get ready to indulge in these fascinating activities. Although, you can do many more things to create some best memories to add-on in a picturesque way.

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